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Why Did Anton Danyluk Unfollow Molly-Mae Hague On Instagram?

Published Sun Aug 04 2019 By Kenshinpark
Why Did Anton Danyluk Unfollow Molly-Mae Hague On Instagram?

Anton Danyluk and Molly-Mae Hague never managed to patch up things after their bust-ups during the few weeks on Love Island.

Well, what can we say, people of the internet never miss anything, and when it comes to Love Island fans, they are quick to notice what their stars are up to! 

People noticed when Anton Danyluk unfollowed Molly-Mae Hague on Instagram earlier this week. 

"We just never clicked and she didn't like it after I put her in her place earlier in the show. But I got on with everyone else really well." Anton Danyluk said. (Source: her)

Anton revealed the reason he unfollowed the social media influencer from his follow list.

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The Scottish gym owner said, "When I was in the Villa, I didn't follow anyone, my management followed every Islander."

Anton further added, "But on the outside, when I noticed Molly-Mae on my newsfeed, I unfollowed her. I have nothing against her, and we just didn’t speak in the villa. We would be in the same room and wouldn’t say a word to each other."

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Anton explained, "A lot of people think it’s because they voted us out, but that’s nothing to do with it, we just never got on."  

We are not really sure about that, but there was one instance where Anton called Molly-Mae out when she declared her feelings for Tommy Fury.

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Since Anton is insisting the pair never managed to build a friendship after the spat and never bothered to chat with each other in the villa, unfollowing Molly-Mae on Instagram was a good decision, maybe!