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Will There Be 'Jason Bourne 6' Starring Matt Damon?

Published Fri Aug 16 2019 By Travis
Will There Be 'Jason Bourne 6' Starring Matt Damon?

Three years ago Jason Bourne arrived at theatres but will there be another installment in the Bourne movie franchise?

Jason Bourne arrived in theatres in 2016 to much fan fervor because it was the return of the titular character to the series after the much-maligned spin-off movie 'The Bourne Legacy'. The last time we saw Matt Damon portray the character of Jason Bourne or David Webb in a film was in 2007 critically acclaimed super hit movie which made franchise-high $442 million at the box office.

So, you could understand Bourne fans waiting with bated breath for the return of the hero and the director, Paul Greengrass, whose shaky-cam style changed the action movie for good and later for worse. But the problem after the movie arrived on screen was the whole film looked like a rehash of 'Bourne Ultimatum' with no change in Jason Bourne’s character after the revelations of the third film.

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The movie was a critical failure scoring the lowest total in Rotten Tomatoes for the franchise with 54% which was 6% lower than the last film in the franchise; the much disregarded 'The Bourne Legacy'. It was not a pleasant sight to see the movie which pioneered shaky cam and cut fast-paced action was criticized for the same thing. Fans went to see the film and the film made over $400 million coming in the second spot for the franchise but the critical reception and the disregard by the fans after the opening weekend was something which made the people involved not so hot about the prospective sequel.

We are three years and 15 days removed from the return of Jason Bourne, and still, there is no word pertaining to the development of Bourne 6. It seems the response to the last film was a final nail in the coffin for the movie series.

The poster for Jason Bourne.
Jason Bourne was a critical failure and commercial disappointment.

Source: Universal Pictures

Matt Damon said during an interview; there are no discussions on the way for the future of Jason Bourne. He is not so hot anymore for the prospective future of the franchise and even set the bar pretty high for a prospective return by saying, “It would have to be a pretty incredible story to get us all back on the horse.”

There was enthusiasm in the past; people wanted to know what 'David Webb' will do after realizing who he was. But 'Jason Bourne' made people feel like the ones involved in the series were scrapping the bottom of the barrel with the series. People who wanted to see new Bourne movie seem to be scorned by how they almost remade the same film again with a slightly older Jason Bourne. The loss of interest among the fan base is something which is also playing a negative role in the future of the Bourne franchise. Matt said, “This last one didn't do as well as the one we did ten years ago, so maybe people are done with the character."

The poster of Bourne Ultimatum
Bourne Ultimatum was a critical and commercial success.

Source: Mr. Hipster

There is the problem right there, people seem to be done with the series, and it is not exactly a good idea to dampen the legacy of the franchise trying to achieve something which was unique and worked particularly well for the time. In a world ruled by John Wick where there are almost zero shaky cams, and the fights are choreographed and not tailored in the editing room. The Bourne franchise is a dinosaur in the modern action movie world.

At this point in Matt's career nothing can make him come back to series, Matt boasts an immense networth so you know he won’t do it for money. But he did say one way he will be willing to come back to the franchise, if they find a great story and if Greengrass is returning to direct, only then he will think of returning to the franchise again.

Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon.
Matt Damon is returning to the franchise only if Paul Greengrass comes back too.

Source: The Film Stage

Matt is currently pretty busy with a new movie set to go on the floor with Ridley Scott and Ben Affleck with Ben and Matt writing the script together for the first time since 'Good Will Hunting'. Matt recently appeared in the comic con trailer for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot reprising his old character of Loki from Dogma. He also recently finished filming the biographical drama 'Ford v Ferrari' and Matt is currently busy filming 'Stillwater' from the director of Academy Award-winning film 'Spotlight'.

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So, you can see Matt is pretty busy, so any future Jason Bourne movie seems very unlikely at this point starring Matt Damon. But fans of the series, don’t fret, a new show based on the government organization 'Treadstone' from the movie is coming to USA Network in October, so make sure to check it out.