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Who is Yeonmi Park's Husband? Learn About Her Married Life

Published Mon Aug 09 2021 By Manvi
Who is Yeonmi Park's Husband? Learn About Her Married Life

Who is Yeonmi Park's Husband? Here's Everything You Need to Know!

Park Yeon-mi, also recognized as Yeonmi Park, is a known name to the world after her breathtaking speech at the One Young World 2014 Summit held in Dublin, Ireland. The young woman explained her heartbreaking journey of becoming the North Korean defector, in order words, finding her way to freedom. Yeonmi, who spent her early life till age 13 in Hyesan, Ryanggang Province of North Korea, was born on 4 October 1993. 

The famous North Korean defector survived a horrifying experience along with her family in escaping from her country. Park is an outspoken woman who shares her personal life with the media and her career endeavors. The visionary woman's had a pleasant experience in relationships. Continue reading to know more about Park Yeon-mi's relationship status.

Who is Yeonmi Park's Husband? 

The human rights advocate, Yeonmi Park, is active personnel in the media due to her frequent appearances on social sites and mainstream media. However, Park's partner in life is the exact opposite. But here's what we do know about Yeonmi and her husband!

Pictures of Yeonmi Park and her husband
Park Yeonmi's wedding pictures.
Photo Source: Twitter

Park walked down the aisle with USA denizen Ezekiel. The pair was rumored to be married on 4 January 2017. Similarly, the world-famous activist and her beau exchanged their vows in an intimate ceremony among loved ones.

The duo remained happily married for over three blissful years as the activist posted an anniversary status on her Facebook, quoting, " Already three years down in our marriage! Time really flies too quickly. " The couple share a beautiful son, James. There isn't much information available on parks husband and her kid as they prefer a private life.

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Yeonmi Park and her Divorce from her Husband

The aspiring speaker, Park Yeonmi, recently appeared in the Joe Rogan Experience podcast park, where the lady spoke on different topics coupled with the info on her divorce from her husband, Ezekiel. That said, Park is officially divorced after three years of marriage.

Park Yeonmi's speech in One Young World Summit gained her worldwide recognition.
Yeonmi Park's speech at One Young World Summit gained her worldwide recognition.
Photo Source: Newyork Post

Park also mentioned separation from her husband in a video posted on the same channel. The speaker stated, "I was married, but not anymore." The activist in her late 20s is relishing single life as of 2021. Yeonmi, whose famous speech crossed 80 million views on social sites, has a successful Youtube journey with a whooping 640k subscribers.

Dialing back to her separation, Yeonmi and her ex-husband decided to end things after almost four years of marriage. However, Park and Ezekiel knew each other for many years. Likewise, the former-married couple was in a relationship for a long time before they wedded. 

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Park often posted appreciation posts on her Instagram about her ex-husband. But the famous defector hasn't removed any post related to her Ezekiel, according to reports. Everybody hopes for a happy and content life for both individuals.

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