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Who is Zonnique Pullins' Baby Father? Know About Her Boyfriend

Published Wed Aug 05 2020 By Kenshinpark
Who is Zonnique Pullins' Baby Father? Know About Her Boyfriend

Find out about Zonnique Pullins' baby father, and her relationship with her boyfriend.

Zonnique Pullins is an American singer/rapper who is better known for her association with the girl group 'OMG Girlz.' Zonnique was born on 20 March 1996 and was interested in music from an early age.

Having a musician's parents really helped the singer advance in her career. In fact, it was her mother who helped Zonnique to form the band, which came as a blessing for her.

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Since we assume you know how successful she is in what she does, we are here to talk about the personal life of Zonnique Pullins. Let's dive right into her dating life and found out about her boyfriend.

Who is Zonnique Pullins' Baby Father? Here's What You Should know About Zonnique's Relationship with Her Boyfriend

Zonnique Pullins is in a relationship with her boyfriend, Bandhunta Izzy (born Israel James). The couple is in a relationship for two years, and it seems their relationship is going really great so far.

Zonnique recently revealed Izzy is going to her baby's father; the couple is expecting their first child, which she revealed with the People magazine. 

zonnique pullins baby father.

Zonnique Pullins' is in a relationship with Bandhunta Izzy for two years.
Photo Source: Celebrity Insider

Talking with the media outlet, Zonnique said, "Literally every year, probably for the past three years, this same rumor [that I was pregnant] had come out. This time I actually am pregnant. It's weird!"

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Zonnique further added, "With it being my first time being pregnant, I had so many expectations and was thinking, 'Oh, it's going to be really hard,' I never really had morning sickness."

Who is Zonnique Pullins' Boyfriend, Bandhunta Izzy?

Zonnique Pullins' baby father, Bandhunta Izzy, also comes from a musical background. The 24-year-old is a singer/rapper who is known for his singles like 'BBB,' 'Rumors,' and 'I Got It.'

The rapper revealed he was heavily influenced by Chicago rapper G Herbo at the starting of his musical career when the rapper began rapping in an interview with True Laurels.

zonnique pullins baby father.

Photo Source: Zonnique's IG

The rapper said, "I was rapping a little fast, and people would be like, 'You rapping too fast. Sometimes niggas can't understand you.' So now I pick up things from different artists. I learned how to ride the beat differently and give more with my delivery."

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