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Amber Portwood Will Lose More Than Her Freedom If She's Convicted Of Going After Her Boyfriend With A Machete

Published Tue Jul 16 2019 By David
Amber Portwood Will Lose More Than Her Freedom If She's Convicted Of Going After Her Boyfriend With A Machete

Amber Portwood: Machete attack spells doom for 'Teen Mom' gig.

Amber Portwood will be required to let go more than her liberty if she's found guilty of going after her boyfriend with a machete – in this case, she is more likely to lose her job on "Teem Mom OG."

Production insiders tell TMZ ... Amber has already ruined her status and the show’s following her domestic battery arrest emerging in 3 felony charges -- a domestic felony, criminal carelessness with a lethal weapon and household battery within the sight of a child.

Amber Portwood could loose her job on Teen Mom if found guilty of using a machete against her  boyfriend and their son. (Source: Celebrity Insider)

The dealbreaker for a reality drama series ... "if a jury concedes the fact that Amber carried a machete during a heated discussion with boyfriend, Andrew Glennon."

As TMZ reported ... Amber bashed a door with Glennon safeguarding their infant child on the other side.
TMZ reports a guilty charge for the use of a serious weapon in an abusive behavior at home occurrence should end her decade long run on the 'Teen Mom' establishment. Reports have it the show is giving the legitimate procedure a chance to play out ... but a judgment will almost certainly be all she lettered.

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As extreme 'Teen Mom' followers know ... the show has favored Amber in the past when she had wrangled herself in similar other controversies. Viewers may remember she was raided for domestic violence in 2010 for physically harming her ex, Gary Shirley ... an MTV again vouched for Amber when she was busted in 2011 for illegally owning a controlled substance. Portwood eventually served time behind prison and later confessed to misusing prescription drugs.

The discrepancy in this case ... risking her son’s life. Aside from the apparent facts, it's way too much of a bet for a show to support and keep someone on their workplace with this kind of inclination for barbarity, because if she freaks out again, and the child gets in serious condition ... the network, as well as the show, will have hell lot to compensate.

A while ago, Amber had opened up about being bipolar and struggling with borderline personality dysfunction. Portwood also shared about her experience with postpartum depression. Clearly, all factors will be heard before making a final decision.

Amber Portwood recently admitted to suffering from bipolar disorder. (Source: Cosmopolitan)

A few days ago, tabloids came in claiming not only did Amber threatened to take her own life, but had also swallowed a “handful of pills.”

Portwood was taken into the custody on Friday, July 5 following the shocking incident. Radar later confirmed a no-contact order was imposed on the reality star.

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Documents extracted from the officials stated after Portwood and Glennon had arrived home on Friday, the former grabbed a shoe off the rack and bashed Andrew with it. “Mr. Glennon stated he was holding [James] and he turned to the side to avoid him getting struck with the shoe,” the affidavit read. Glennon had just left to get her a gift and food.

Amber Portwood with her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon and their son, James. (Source: Instagram)

When the boyfriend returned, Amber was already furious and was about to hit him, but after a moment she threatened to harm herself. Reports then mentioned of Portwood approaching her drawer; taking a handful of Klonopin and gulping it down like it was nothing. She then regurgitated the tablets and then wielded the machete towards Andrew and her son.

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Glennon locked him and their son, James in the room after which Portwood hit the door with the blade and kicked the door, and that’s when Andrew had called for help, alleges the statement.       

Amber Portwood is due back in court later this month.