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Ashley Bernon Net Worth - Find Out How Rich Paul Bernon's Ex-Wife is

Published Thu Apr 09 2020 By Bran
Ashley Bernon Net Worth - Find Out How Rich Paul Bernon's Ex-Wife is

Here's all that you need to know about the net worth of American film producer cum businessman Paul Bernon's wife, Ashley Bernon.

It's not at the dictionary yet, but real estate businessman, Paul Bernon could be the synonym o success. The film producer rose to prominence and amassed significant fortunes with his Rubicon Real Estate. Later, he went on to the silver screen, producing several movies like 'A Kid Like Jake' starring Jim Parsons, and Priyanka Chopra and 'Heart Beat Loud.'

The businessman's professional life is as smooth and successful as it gets, unlike his married life, which ended with a divorce. Although you might see Paul dating with RHONY star, Bethenny Frankel, these days, the actor used to be the husband of Ashley Bernon in the past. Since the two are no longer together, let us see how much is the celebrity ex-wife's net worth is today?

Ashley Bernon is a Millionaire by Net Worth

Ashley Bernon in a white dress poses for a picture with Paul Bernon.

Paul Bernon and Ashley Bernon filed for a divorce in 2017.
Photo Source: RealitySlburb

Unlike most of the celebrity wives, Ashley Bernon is entirely independent on her own with a resounding success in her corporate career. Kudos to all that, she accumulates a staggering net worth of $1.5 million as of 2020. While Paul Bernon's ex-wife should have made a significant wealth from the divorce, she amasses massive fortune from her business itself.

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You might be surprised how Ashley Bernon is a Vogue Vanguard representative and a local philanthropist. Moreover, she is the Director of Marketing and Client Relations at The Law Offices of Sonja B. Selami. Not just that, she is also the Boston liaison for Vogue and coordinates fashion events and store openings. Her ex-husband, Paul Bernon, on the other hand, amasses a staggering net worth of $10 million as of 2020.

Ashley Bernon Divorced Paul Bernon in 2017 and Moved On

Ashley Bernon in a black dress poses for a picture.

Ashley Bernon and Paul Bernon parted ways with a divorce in 2017.
Photo Source: Boston Magazine

The business tycoon, Paul Bernon, used to be long-time married to Ashley Bernon. Although the celebrity couple even shared children, not much is known about the details regarding their wedding, neither the year nor the venue. Unlike Paul's current affair with Bethenny, his previous marriage used to be quite private and lowkey. 

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Following the split-up, Ashley is back in the dating game. Call it destiny or coincidence, she is dating another real-estate agent and a venture investorKyle Miller. Since, her former lover, Paul is happy with the Real Housewife star, Bethenny since 2018, it is quite great to see the celebrity wife with another man as well. The two decided to take things into the next level as Miller proposed Paul's ex-wife, Ashley, at Trinity Church in Copley Square. Interestingly, Ashley will enter the marriage with her two children, and so will her new husband from his past ties. A wedding in 2020 at New Orleans is on the cards even though they already live together in Boston.

Ashley Bernon in a pink dress poses for a picture.

Ashley Bernon is engaged with boyfriend Kyle Miller.
Photo Source: Answer

Ashley's new boyfriend, soon to be husband, Miller used to be the CEO of Hudson Castle Group before selling it. As an MBA from Columbia Business School, he used to be the Managing Director at Lehman Brothers. As of now, he is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the East-Advisory Board at Boys and Girls Club, Connecticut. In fact, the two met at a corporate project and started dating eventually.

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