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Behind the Genius: Saxon Musk's Story as Elon Musk's Son

Published Tue Jan 09 2024 By Bsgurung
Behind the Genius: Saxon Musk's Story as Elon Musk's Son

Elon Musk's personal life is a subject of fascination, with particular attention on his son, Saxon Musk. Born into the billionaire dynasty, Saxon has grown up in the limelight, captivating global curiosity. Beyond his parentage, details about Saxon remain relatively private. 

As the offspring of the tech mogul behind Tesla and SpaceX, his life is inevitably scrutinized, sparking intrigue about his upbringing and future endeavors. The buzz around Saxon Musk centers on his privileged yet mysterious existence, leaving many eager to uncover more about the young heir to Elon Musk's empire.

Is Saxon Musk Involved in Dating Games? 

Currently single, 16-year-old Saxon Musk is relishing his time with family and friends. The young personality is prioritizing studies over romantic relationships, emphasizing a focus on personal growth. 

Saxon Musk's Parents
Image: Saxon Musk's parents, Elon and Justine Musk in the frame enjoying their coffee. Source: Twitter

While he may embark on romantic endeavors in the future, Saxon is currently dedicated to his educational journey, navigating life independently.

Saxon Musk's Parents Got Divorce When He Was Two Years Old

Despite Saxon Musk's parents, Elon and Justine, divorcing when he was just two years old, he maintains a positive relationship with both. The couple, who met at Queen's University in Ontario, Canada, initially split but rekindled their romance later, marrying in 2000. 

The divorce, eight years later, was accompanied by rumors, but Elon Musk denied abandoning his family for actress Talulah Riley. Post-divorce, Elon ensured financial support for Saxon and his siblings, providing $20,000 monthly after tax. 

Justine retained the family's Bel Air home. Despite their past, Elon and Justine prioritize a healthy co-parenting dynamic for the well-being of their children.

How Many Siblings Does Saxon Musk Have?

Saxon Musk, born to Elon Musk, has a total of 9 siblings stemming from Elon's marriages and relationships. His first sibling, Nevada Alexander, born in 2002, tragically passed away at ten weeks old due to sudden infant death syndrome. 

Vivian Jenna Wilson and Griffin, born in 2004, are twins from Elon and Justine's union, with Vivian undergoing a sex change later in life. Kai and Damian Musk, born in 2006 as triplets with Saxon, round out the siblings from Elon's first marriage.

Elon's second marriage to Talulah Riley didn't yield more siblings for Saxon, but from his relationship with Grimes, Elon welcomed X AE A-XII Musk in May 2020 and Exa Dark Sideræl Musk in December 2021. Elon also had twins in November 2021 with venture capitalist Shivon Zilis, but their names and genders remain undisclosed.

Who Are Saxone Musk's Parents? 

Mother, Justine Musk, recognized for her fantasy novel Blood Angel, is a Canadian writer. She earned a degree in English literature from Queen's University in Kingston before teaching English as a second language (ESL) in Japan. 

Eventually settling in California, Justine has established herself as an accomplished author in the realm of fantasy literature. Father, Elon Musk, a visionary entrepreneur and business magnate, was born on June 28, 1971, in Pretoria, South Africa. 

Founder and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, Musk has revolutionized space travel and electric vehicles. His relentless pursuit of innovation extends to Neuralink and The Boring Company, shaping the future of technology and transportation.

Saxon Musk's Career Highlights

Saxon Musk's life remains mostly private, leaving his future career uncertain. While he shares his father's passion for gaming, particularly evident in his 2022 statement mourning Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade, his career path remains unclear. 

Whether he pursues gaming professionally or follows Elon Musk's entrepreneurial footsteps remains to be seen, as the young heir keeps much of his life away from the public eye.

Saxon Musk's Net Worth in 2024

At 18, Saxon Musk's earnings are undisclosed as he is not currently engaged in any work. Enjoying his parents' inheritance, particularly from his father Elon Musk. His net worth stands at $235 billion, the South African-born Canadian-American entrepreneur amassed his wealth primarily as the CEO of Tesla Motors. 

Saxon Musk siblings
Image: Saxon Musk with his father and brother enjoying the dayout. Source: Pinterest

Elon, also known for leading SpaceX and SolarCity, holds the title of the richest person globally and in modern history. While Saxon's financial details remain private, his affluent upbringing is evident as he navigates the substantial wealth accumulated by his pioneering father.

How Old is Saxon Musk Today? 

Saxon Musk, born on January 1, 2006, is now 18, part of a triplet alongside siblings Kai and Damian. Born to Elon and Justine Musk in Los Angeles through IVF, his parents divorced when he was two. 

Raised with shared custody, Saxon experienced a childhood in California, attending both a Los Angeles school and Ad Astra Academy, founded by his billionaire father. Of American nationality with a mixed heritage—British, Dutch, Anglo-Canadian, and Swiss—he embodies diverse roots. 

Saxon's upbringing reflects the complexities of navigating his parents' high-profile divorce while benefiting from his father's influence in education through Ad Astra Academy.

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