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Who is Billy Beane's Daughter? Learn all About Her Here

Published Mon May 24 2021 By Tashipalmo
Who is Billy Beane's Daughter? Learn all About Her Here

Who is Billy Beane's Daughter? Find out the complete details here!   

Billy Beane is considered a reformist for bringing a revolutionary and inclusive change in Major League Baseball (MLB) in 2002. Under him, the Oakland Athletics won seven division titles and gave the six most wins in baseball, all while spending low.

Executive vice president of baseball operations and a minority owner of Athletics today, Billy has proved to be a trailblazer! In the use of data analytics to make use of undervalued players, none were better than Beane. Continue reading as we bring you this revolutionary GM's family info.   

Who is Billy Beane's Daughter? 

During his career as a player, Billy Beane was newly married to his high school sweetheart Cathy Sturdivant. Billy and his first wife, Cathy, had their first daughter Casey Beane.  

Billy Beane and his first daughter Casey Beane.
Actress Kerris Dorsey played Billy Beane's daughter Casey was portrayed in the movie Moneyball in 2011.
Photo Source: Line 

Beane's revolutionary accomplishment was cinematized in 2011 Money Ball, portrayed by Brad Pitt in the movie. The film ensured Billy his due fame outside of the sports world.  

Actress Kerris Dorsey played Bill's firstborn, Casey! Moreover, the movie presented the father-daughter relationship dynamic in an affectionate light.  

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The icon's daughter has deliberately been kept out of the limelight all these years. Sources claimed Casey graduated from Kenyon College in Ohio. Recently, the celebrity child, Beane, became the head of investor relations at Balyasny Asset Management.  

Billy Beane's Second Family! 

Originally a professional baseball player, Billy Beane has played for franchises like New York Mets, Minnesota Twins, and Detroit Tigers. Following limited success playing in the field for years, Beane opted for a career behind his team, which became his ticket to success and a better benefit.    

Billy Beane with his wife Tara Beane.
Billy Beane's married his second wife Tara in 1999 and has a twin with her.
Photo Source: ABTC


Following his divorce from Cathy Sturdivant, Billy married a longtime friend Tara Beane. Like with his first spouse Beane and his second wife welcomed children in their married life. Billy and his wife Tara gave birth to Brayden Beane and Tinsley Beane. Interestingly, Brayden and Tinsley are twins.  

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Unlike a bitter bond that most would've anticipated, Casey Beane is said to have a healthy relationship with her stepmother and siblings. Casey is often seen vacationing with her father's second family.

Billy Beane's Ultimate Victory!  

Billy Beane struggled for years, mainly in minor leagues. Billy never delivered the same performance he had given during his college career.  

Billy Beane played baseball for many years before taking on his executive career in 1990.
Billy Beane played baseball for many years before taking on his executive career in 1990.
Photo Source: USA Today

Billy gave up his field career in 1990 and became a scout for the A's. He gradually qualified for the General manager position in 1997. Billy worked with Sandy Anderson, an early settler of analytics and A's GM before Billy.  

Intrigued by his use of data analytics to evaluate players, Billy pushed forth the power of statistics to build and manage the most cost-effective team in the 2002 season, a strategy that was first frowned upon by many franchises until its groundbreaking success for consecutive years.   

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Billy's approach won him many accolades, including two Major league baseball executives of the year and the Sporting news executive of the years.  

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