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Did Christina Aguilera Get Plastic Surgery — The Answer Is Here!

Published Thu Jan 23 2020 By Christina
Did Christina Aguilera Get Plastic Surgery — The Answer Is Here!

Christina Aguilera is the 'The Grammy' winning American singer famously known for the popular show 'The Voice'. She was an impressive coach for six of its seasons alongside hit singers Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.

Christina is an actress, songwriter and television personality who shot to fame decades ago and has barely changed over the years of her career. The artist is always seen flexing the most dramatic and over-the-top looks throughout her time which has left fans speculating about her beauty secrets for so long.

Is it that the diva simply doesn't age or is there some kind of sorcery involved? Ever wondered? Then hop on to find out more about the conventional artist's ever-growing beauty and plastic surgery secrets.

Botox To Her Forehead And Around The Eyes 

MYA Cosmetic Surgery's top surgeon theorized Christina went through an anti-wrinkle injection also known as, Botox, on the areas of her forehead and around the eyes.

young christina

One of the earliest photos of Christina. 
Source: Twitter

Botox is a non-surgical plastic surgery treatment that cosmetically removes wrinkles giving the appearance of smoother skin. It generally lasts 3-6 months and the wrinkle reappears after that. We can only guess the trouble of keeping up with botox treatments.

Christina Got Jaw Contouring with Non-Surgical Dermal Fillers

Jawline contouring is a treatment that uses a non-permanent Dermal Filler to sculpt the jawline and add definition. It creates the look of a slimmer appearance, fueling more plastic surgery talks.

Christina Aguilera in 2008 vs 2018.

Christina Aguilera in 2008 vs 2018.
 Source: LifeAndStyleMag

The treatment can also include Cheek Enhancement and Chin Augmentation to help sculpt and define the side profile. When you look at the before and after pictures of the American beauty, you can't help but agree with the doctor's claims about her surgery.

Lip Fillers

The fuller lips of the musician have drawn multiple attention over the past years. She appears to have slightly fuller lips compared to her past pictures. Can't help but wonder, the natural beauty didn't really need cosmetic surgery transformations.

The voice coach shocked fans with her new look on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' show.

The voice coach shocked fans with her new look on the 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' show. 
Source: YouTube

The fans quickly caught up to the change during the 2017 American Music Awards. The pop star took center stage to give tribute to the 25th anniversary of the iconic movie, 'The Bodyguard'.

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There was a mutual love-hate review of her alleged plastic surgery transformation. One agitated fan wrote, "What the actual f**k did #ChristinaAguilera do to her face?!! She looks like a blow-up doll of Lindsay Lohan!." Whereas one fan said, "Please don't use lip fillers, they don't look good and you don't need it, babe."

Non-Surgical Cheek Fillers 

The 36-year-old mother of two looks like a girl fresh outta high school. Christina is speculated to have dermal fillers to give volume to her cheek area by injecting dermal fillers to create more definition.

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The treatment would've probably cost around £200 - £500 per session to the actress. Regardless of the assumptions, Aguilera has never talked about getting plastic surgery she has, instead opened up about her changing looks over the years. The photos beg to differ. 

Surgeries or not, The singer rocks her look.

Surgeries or not, The singer rocks her look. 
Source: PageSix

Well, we understand how hard it can be to be in the industry for two decades and cope with the pressure. If Christina is happy with her looks, then why not?

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