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Devion Cromwell: The Life Of Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s Son

Published Sat Jan 06 2024 By Bsgurung
Devion Cromwell: The Life Of Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s Son

Devion Cromwell, renowned as Floyd Mayweather's adopted son, is the offspring of Melissa Brim, an ex-girlfriend of the legendary boxer. Raised alongside Floyd's biological children, Devion's early life is marked by the influential presence of Mayweather. 

However, the identity of Devion's biological father remains undisclosed. This article explores Devion's childhood, education, and relationships with his siblings, shedding light on the mystery surrounding his biological parentage.

What is Devion Cromwell's Current Relationship Status? 

Devion Cromwell, judging by his social media, appears to be single. Despite his occasional Instagram activity, he seldom shares personal photos. 

Devion Cromwell
Image: Devion Cromwell in the frame posing for the picture. Source; Instagram

While he may find love in the future, at present, he seems content riding solo, prioritizing his flourishing career. 

In contrast, his half-sister, Iyanna Mayweather, was previously involved with YoungBoy NBA and shares a son named Kentrell Gaulden Jr. with him.

Devion Cromwell's Parents Love Life

Melissa Brim, a single mother to Devion Cromwell, encountered Floyd Mayweather at a Las Vegas casino lounge in the late 1990s. Their relationship quickly blossomed, leading to Melissa becoming pregnant with their only child together, Iyanna. 

Despite often being labeled as Floyd's "baby mama," Melissa emphasizes her multifaceted identity. Since the late 1990s, Floyd has played a crucial role in supporting Melissa both personally and professionally, contributing to her success as an entrepreneur.

Although the couple, parents to Iyanna and Devion, have never married each other or anyone else, Floyd's influence has been instrumental in Melissa's personal and business achievements.

Physical Abuse Ended Floyd Mayweather and Melissa Brim's Relationship

In 2000, following the birth of their daughter Iyanna, Floyd Mayweather and Melissa Brim ceased communication due to Floyd's physical abuse towards Melissa, leading to two instances of guilt in his actions. 

The first incident involved hitting her with a car door, and the second occurred in a mall where he struck her in the neck. Despite the separation, Floyd continued supporting their daughter. 

Five years later, the couple reconciled, actively co-parenting Iyanna. The tumultuous past of abuse has given way to a renewed commitment to their daughter's well-being as they strive to move forward together.

Devion Cromwell's Father, Floyd Mayweather Even Abused Him

In March 2015, prior to Floyd Mayweather's highly anticipated match with Manny Pacquiao, disturbing news emerged that he had allegedly choked his stepson, Devion Cromwell, during an altercation on October 31, 2014. 

Police reports detailed that Devion, partying with friends, was asked to leave by Floyd upon his arrival. An argument ensued, with Cromwell expressing resentment, leading to Floyd choking him using a martial arts move involving neck compression and downward pressure. 

The incident added a troubling layer to Mayweather's personal life, overshadowing the buzz around his imminent boxing match with Manny Pacquiao.

Devion Cromwell Didn't Complaint Against His Father

Following the alleged choking incident involving Floyd Mayweather and Devion Cromwell, several of Melissa's relatives expressed their dismay over Floyd's actions. 

Despite the anticipation for Devion to press charges, a desperate relative voiced the family's desire for justice, claiming Floyd controlled them through fear and money. 

Expressing concern that further harm might occur, the relative highlighted Floyd's prior guilt in two counts of domestic battery against Devion's mother. 

Ultimately, Devion chose not to complain to his father, leaving the family grappling with the complex dynamics influenced by fear and financial control.

Devion Cromwell's Lifestyle in Instagram Word

In recent years, Devion Cromwell has maintained a low media profile, akin to his siblings. However, he actively shares his lavish lifestyle on Instagram, under the username @kingxcromwell, portraying a life without regrets and a mindset of gratitude and growth. 

Despite the past controversies, Devion's posts suggest a strong bond with his stepfather, Floyd Mayweather. Notably, he showed support for Mayweather during the retired boxer's match against Connor McGregor. 

He demonstrated their continued closeness and shared moments on significant occasions. Devion's Instagram provides glimpses into a life marked by appreciation, resilience, and ongoing family ties.

How Many Siblings Does Devion Cromwell Have? 

Devion Cromwell, Floyd Mayweather's stepson, has one half-sister, Iyanna Mayweather, born in 2000, pursuing modeling and music. Iyanna is a 23-year-old mother to Kentrell Gaulden Jr. 

Devion Cromwell siblings
Image: Floyd Mayweather with his kids at the match. Source: Instagram

Devion also has three step-siblings from Floyd's relationship with Josie Harris: Koraun (24), a singer-songwriter; Zion (22), a fashion designer; and Jirah (20), an Instagram star. Koraun and Zion have had past altercations with Floyd but are reportedly on good terms now. 

The step-siblings showcase diverse talents, ranging from music and fashion to social media influence, contributing to the multifaceted Mayweather family dynamic.

Devion Cromwell's Net Worth in 2024

Although Devion's specific net worth is challenging to determine due to his lack of a defined profession, his social media showcases a lavish lifestyle with expensive possessions. Notably, he frequently displays his collection of high-end vehicles, including a Ferrari and a Mercedez 6×6 Brabus G700. 

The opulence suggests substantial financial support, likely influenced by his father Floyd Mayweather, whose staggering net worth is estimated at $400 Million. Devion's access to luxurious cars hints at the significant financial influence of Mayweather, contributing to the extravagant aspects of his lifestyle.

How Old is Devion Cromwell Today? 

Devion Cromwell, born in 1996 in the USA, is Floyd Mayweather's 27-year-old adopted son. Mayweather, a former professional boxer and promoter, has been a key figure in Devion's life. Despite not publicly disclosing his birthdate, Devion celebrates his birthday in June.

While his education remains private, his mother, Melissa Brim, of mixed race, faced challenges as a young, pregnant 19-year-old. Devion's biological father's ethnicity is unknown, and his identity remains undisclosed. 

The celebrity kid's fame primarily stems from his adoption into the affluent Mayweather family, marking him as the adopted son of the millionaire former boxer.

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