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Did Amy Duggar Just Throw Shade at Josh on Instagram?

Published Wed Jun 26 2019 By David
Did Amy Duggar Just Throw Shade at Josh on Instagram?

Amy Duggar: did she just throw shade at Josh on Instagram?

Four years after the world learned that Josh Duggar sexually harassed five young girls -- four of whom were his sisters -- the wrongdoing remains very much on the brains of Counting On fans.

Josh is no longer included on the show, of course, but his shameful past weavers over the wholesome facade of the series like a dark storm cloud.

Anna announcing her sixth pregnancy.

Source: Instagram

But while Josh's public image has certainly experienced better days, he still enjoys the full help of his exceptionally lenient family.

Anna Duggar celebrated a birthday this week, and for reasons that aren't altogether clear, she denoted the occasion by paying accolades to her husband.

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“Turned 31 years old today and I have so much to be thankful for!” Anna wrote on Instagram.

“11 years ago today, I said, ‘Yes!’ to the man of my dreams! So grateful for God’s grace and redemption over our family! 5 beautiful, healthy and energetic growing kiddos and one more on the way!”

We never realized until just now that Anna got engaged on her birthday, a time at which most newly-minted 20-year-olds are likely passing out behind a 7-11 somewhere.

Anyway, we've known for quite some time – Anna is 100 percent Team, Josh, despite the fact he molested his sisters and tried to cheat on her manipulating the Ashley Madison website.

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Yet, evidently, not every person in the family is so approving of the scandalous father of five:

Amy Duggar commented saying Anna is forgiving, a great momma, and stronger than she ever could be. Amy likewise thanked her and expressed her love for Anna. 

Did Amy Duggar throw some cold at her brother, Josh Duggar.

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Clearly, Amy didn't discover any shade there, however, it appears a lot of fans did. 

It's all in the word "pardoning," which is being translated as Amy's unpretentious method for helping the world to remember Josh's deeds.

Amy is pregnant with her first child at the same time Anna is pregnant with her baby no 6, so it's conceivable the cousins by marriage have just fortified over being bump twins.

But if any Duggars were about too freely trash Josh on social media, it would be Amy.

Commonly regarded as the most defiant individual of the Duggar fraction, Amy doesn't grovel to her Jim Bob in the manner her cousins do, and it's for quite some time that it's been rumored she has no love for Josh by any stretch of the imagination.