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Florence Kasumba Net Worth - How Rich is the 'Wonder Woman' and 'Black Panther' Actress?

Published Mon Mar 30 2020 By Chester
Florence Kasumba Net Worth - How Rich is the 'Wonder Woman' and 'Black Panther' Actress?

Find out the Net Worth details of Ugandan-German actress Florence Kasumba. 

All of us have adored Florence Kasumba notably from her recent role as Ayo in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and her hooky TV shows like The Quest and Deutschland 86.

Since lots of fans seem curious about the money Florence made throughout her two-decades-long career inside the Hollywood reels,here we're going to find out the Net Worth Florence made to date. 

How Much is Florence Kasumba Net Worth?

Florence is a self made millionaire with staggering $3 million.

Florence is a self-made millionaire with a staggering $3 million.
Image Source: IMDb

The 1.73 m tall actress Florence Kasumba who's been filming in the English, German, and Dutch language since 2000, made herself a net worth of $3 million. The source behind her 'piles of green' can be credited to her successful and years-long hard work in the ever-evolving Movie and Television career.

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Many of you might also be wondering, how did the actress made such envying digits which most of the popular actors and actress in Hollywood aren't able to make! Right? Well, consider it her hardwork or luck; some of her high budget movies helped him bag those hundred dollar bands. 

Florence Kasumba Bagged Lots of Green from MCU 

Yes, thanks to her blockbuster hit movies and high-paid contract with Marvel, she was able to turn herself into a millionaire. 

Avengers: Endgame which broke Global Box Office Record being the most grossed movie of 2019 with made $858,373,000 gross domestic collection and $2,797,800,564 Worldwide Gross collection. 

Similarly, her other debut in Avengers series such as Captain American: Civil War (2016), which grossed $1.153 billionBlack Panther$1.334 Billion, Avengers Infinity War ($2,048 Billion) heloed her bag million of dollars.

As per reports from Business InsiderRobert Down Jr took at least $75 million on "Avengers: Endgame." And as Florence character in the MCU's Avengers and Black Panther is one of the major ones, she might've made around $2 million from Marvel alone.

Acted in more than 42 Movies & TV Shows

Besides her role on Marvel, the 43 years old has a long history in cinema since 2001 from I Love You To. As in now, Florence holds 42 movies and TV acting credit. 

Some of her famous movies are The Lion King (2019), which had Worldwide Box Office collection $1,656,943,394. She was a voice-over actor for the Hyena - Shenzi.

Besides, she has also be debuted on other super hit movies like Wonder Women ($149 million), I Love You Too, Mute, which helped her posses a million of dollars. And she is recently up for Deutschland 89. 

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So overall combing all her revenues and some endorsement, Florence made herself worth of $3 million and still going. With that much of Benjamin Franklin, the actress Florence is enjoying her life of riches and luxury. Find out the stack of dollars made by your favorite star on Celebrity Net Worth in Glamour Fame.