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George R.R. Martin Says Fan Culture Is Toxic Following Game Of Thrones' Ending

Published Mon Jul 01 2019 By David
George R.R. Martin Says Fan Culture Is Toxic Following Game Of Thrones' Ending

Following Game Of Thrones' ending, George R.R. Martin says fan culture is toxic.

Either George R.R Martin changed the history of TV via Game Of Thrones or the series made the author a household name. He’s been mocked up on other TV shows and, during a recent podcast appearance, the veteran author even explained of often getting notes revealing people’s pets and even children have been named after his Westeros characters. 

However, the fandom also has its share of bad things.

Geotge RR Martin says Game of Thrones fans has gotten more intense, and boldly "toxic." (Source: Vulture)

In fact, during the long course of events from George R.R. Martin beginning to imagine the series in 1991 to the ending of the TV show and his continued proficiency on the books, he says the enthusiasm has gotten more intense, and boldly "toxic."

"Of course, the Internet has taken that up several orders of magnitude. Now, you can tweet and Facebook, but I don’t know that’s an improvement. The Internet is toxic in a way that the old fanzine culture and fandoms, comics fans, science fiction fans in those days, was not. I mean, yeah, there were disagreements. There were feuds, but nothing like the sort of madness you see on the internet."

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Martin also talked about trays of a lengthy process of gaining people's attention, which was not nearly as quick as the Internet can be. He also noted in fanzine tradition, even if you wrote an enraged letter, you’d have to attach your identity to that letter. It was a process in the way the web is not.

Still, the adherent of the fandom, particularly around Game of Thrones Season 8, is vehement. People noticed everything from a coffee cup left in a scene to the decisions made by the show regarding the finale.

Game Of Thrones season 8 had a lot of blunder. (Source: India Today)

Also, in the podcast, Martin talked about how it’s a little bit ridiculous considering the fact that he will be known for Game of Thrones, as in the nineties he wrote a bunch of projects that were initially orientated for the screen whereas Game of Thrones was not pitched in with a dramatic TV show in mind.

He also told Maltin on Movies, narrating he did not envision the fame that would come from his HBO show, noting the insinuations on other mediums to Game of Thrones, which even includes legislative issues, is “not something that anyone could ever foresee.”

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The entire thing has been “surreal,” both in seemingly great and bad ways. The novelist said he never anticipated Game of Thrones would be outside of the book domain and onto the big or the small screen in the manner HBO was at long last ready to do.

George R.R. Martin referred to it as rather a challenge which he didn’t originally think could have been possible, given his experience in 1985 and the years following in Hollywood. He said often the costs for television meant he had to chop down his ideas, making battle ideas singular fights between the hero and the villain and so on.

George RR Martin was worried about compromising with budget plans while giving his materials to HBO. (Source: Wikipedia)

At the point where he began composing Game of Thrones, he purposefully attempted to make it as sweeping and imaginative as possible, given he finally did not have on-screen spending plans to stress over.  

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Whatever his views and dynamics with the fandom, Game of Thrones will be Martin's legacy and the author also said that he indeed perceives that.