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Gus Fring Death: Where Does It Rank Among The Most Iconic Ones In Television History?

Published Wed Jun 12 2019 By David
Gus Fring Death: Where Does It Rank Among The Most Iconic Ones In Television History?

'Breaking Bad' officially stood up as the most rated series of all time. Each five of its seasons' finale gave as the most gruesome and equally satisfying climax. Arguably the most notable one can't be ignored is Gus Fring's death.

The supreme leader of a cartel being pinned down by a mere high school chemistry teacher in itself is the one to watch for, but where does it rank among the most iconic ones in the history of TV. See for yourself.

Robert Romano - ER

In contrast to other characters on this list, ER's 'Robert Romano' wasn't a killer or even a criminal—he was just that conceited doctor every hospital show has to have in order to give the more agreeable characters someone to spar with. It's to actor Paul McCrane's credit that Romano wound up being such a satisfying, love-to-abhor them thorn in the staff's side.

After being introduced in the show's fourth season, Romano continuously manages to present himself as offensive, alienating, and insulting just about everyone he knew, all while contributing to the top-rated show's consistently riveting drama. Romano exited with an extravagant flair in Season 10, paying for his TV sins by being squashed under a helicopter that tumbled off the hospital roof.

Joffrey Baratheon - Game Of Thrones

In a way, it's hard to accuse 'Joffrey Baratheon' for being such a whining little creep. After all, he was the result of incestuous inbreeding, and experiencing childhood in a royal court meant he was never anything less than spoiled. Still, that doesn't pardon his savage guideline as a ruler—or his violence against women.

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Constantly committed to getting his own specific manner way at all costs, Joffrey proved a consistent aggravation during Game of Thrones' initial four seasons. It came as a delightful relief when he was poisoned by his own wife's grandmother at their reception. Of all the many, numerous deaths Game of Thrones has given viewers, Joffrey's surely ranks among the most satisfying.

Ralph Cifaretto - The Sopranos

A show like 'The Sopranos' couldn't exist without characters who make you uncomfortable, and this HBO hit modified the principles for antiheroes during its six seasons on the air. For every adorably disgusting thug-like 'Tony Soprano' or 'Christopher Moltisanti,' the series gave us a really despicable character who sent viewers' pulses racing in dread whenever he showed up onscreen—and 'Ralph Cifaretto' might have been the most terrible of all.

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A career criminal whose inclination toward violent upheavals was overlooked because of his ability to get things done, Ralphie was a long-term burr in the seat for Tony, who couldn't get rid of a mad man even if he did kill a stripper in the parking lot of the syndicate’s favorite club. If Sopranos fans despised Cifaretto after that incident, they really couldn't stand him after he started a stable fire that took the life of a horse he owned with Tony subsequent to killing his pregnant love to death. It was the last straw for Tony, who choked Ralphie with his own bare hands to deaths and disposed of the body in pieces.

Ramsey Bolton - Game Of Thrones 

'Ramsay Bolton' deserves an unparalleled credit when it comes to showing the deepest cruelty a human can fathom. A bastard from the house Bolton on Game of Thrones, he faces some stiff competition on his way to becoming the most sadistic antagonist in George RR Martin's world. Nevertheless, we have to bestow that honor upon the bastard.

'Ramsey' tortures and castrates 'Theon,' abuses 'Sansa,' has his stepmother and brother fed to the hounds; the list of atrocities he’s perpetrated goes on and on.

Watching Jon beat him bloody is definitely worth celebrating as is the taking back of Winterfell by the starks but Ramsey's ultimate fate is the cherry on top of it all. As revenge for all the pain he put her through, Sansa unleashes Ramsey's own starving hounds on him. We then all see Sansa smile as she hears his screams.

Gus Fring Death - Breaking Bad

There has never been a better TV antagonist than 'Gustavo Fring' from AMC’s 'Breaking Bad' and there has never been an astonishing TV death than his assassination by an explosion. Formulated by Walter White but carried out by the wheelchair-bound Hector Salamanca, the veteran drug lord and fast food restaurant tycoon got suicide-bombed right in the face, culminating to the unforgettable shot of his barely-functioning body straightening his tie one final time before collapsing to the ground.

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Gus Fring death is a grotesque and frightening end for a character who defined himself through his unusual and startling actions. It additionally marks the moment where Walter White officially stopped being a good guy in a bad situation and started being the evilest reprobate.

The face-off, an episode featuring Gus’ death holds the rating of 9.8 on IMDB and its one of the most appreciated season finale of all time. Not to mention you literally cannot take a breath of relief until you see the whole scenario of this baddie.