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Henry Cavill Changed the Voice of Geralt in the Netflix Series The Witcher

Published Tue Dec 17 2019 By Travis
Henry Cavill Changed the Voice of Geralt in the Netflix Series The Witcher

Henry Cavill unintentionally changed his character's voice and realized only after the scene was filmed.

'The Witcher' will soon be here and will cap off an interesting month for Netflix, where they tried their hand in blockbuster films with '6 Underground.' It was a hot mess, but they also released a beloved adaptation of 'Virgin River' book series, it was awesome by the way and now, to cap off an interesting month, they are coming in with another book adaptation with 'The Witcher.'

After months of waiting for the series is finally here within touching distance, and the press for the show is also picking up with most of all the cast members and the creator of the show, making people aware of the series. There were some revelations in the promotional interviews where the creator talked about why they’ve hidden all the monsters from the clips.

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Then the final trailer of the series arrived, and the clips introduced us to the villains of the series and some awesome looking battle scenes. The clip did back one claim made by the people who were fortunate enough to see the first episode of the show; they said the fighting is awesome, and it looks so in the trailer.

We recently heard from Freya Allan about how dedicated the actor was about playing the character of Geralt, and this dedication almost caused some massive errors in the way the series was filmed.

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Henry Cavill was at a press junket when he was talking about the show and his character where he revealed the creator of the series Lauren Hissrich wanted the actor to use his natural voice for the character and when he did as asked, the extra punch was missing from the character so he decided to switch up his voice in a way it would suit the character.

During one filming of the scene, the actor unintentionally went to the voice he made up instead of the one he was asked to do, and once the shoot was done and he was back for the night, he realized he made a mistake and went back to see the scene. He used his fake voice and liked it, so the actor showed it to the director and the creator, who agreed to allow Henry to use his fake voice.

Henry Cavill changed his voice in the middle of filming for his character of Geralt.

Henry Cavill changed his voice in the middle of filming for his character of Geralt.
Source: Men's Health

Henry said, “With the voice that I brought initially, Lauren wanted me to keep my natural accent, but I didn't feel like it was quite carrying enough weight when I was doing it, I had to find something which represented Geralt's directness and stony exterior immediately, so everyone understood who the character was at his core – and I found the voice which did that. It happened naturally one day for a scene.”

“At the end of the scene, I thought, 'Did I just do an entire scene in a different voice than what I had done previously?' I went back and checked the rushes that night, and I realized I had,” the actor continued. “Then I spoke to Alik, the director, and Lauren. I said, 'Look, this is what I've done. First of all, sorry, and second of all, I really like it. What did you think?' They both listened to it, and I think they both liked it, and I'm very glad I did do that because, for me, it's a very strong representation of who Geralt is. A means of doing a lot more with a lot less.”

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There would’ve been surely some amazing continuity error if the series was released with the actor sporting two different accents. But it was also nice for Lauren to allow something more from the actor and making changes to the character and the way he interacts with his surroundings.

'The Witcher' will be released on 20 December 2019 on Netflix, and before you leave, make sure to visit Glamour Fame to be in the know of all the happenings in the world of show business.