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Jason Momoa's Simpsons Character Looks Scarily Accurate

Published Sat Jul 20 2019 By David
Jason Momoa's Simpsons Character Looks Scarily Accurate

Jason Momoa joins The Simpsons and his character looks scarily accurate.

After Stranger Things, Simpsons is dragging DC’s Aquaman in its satirical zone as Jason Momoa joins the long-running cartoon parody. The Simpsons are coming back on FOX later this year for a record-breaking 31st season.

Since 1989, The Simpsons has featured some of the world’s grandest names as guest visitors. The show has yellowed everybody from Dustin Hoffman to Kelsey Grammer, Glenn Close to Meryl Streep. Now, the muscular King of Atlantis is letting his hair down and coming to Springfield.

Jason Momoa to get a Simpsons avatar. (Source: Entertainment Weekly)

Exclusive to Entertainment Weekly, fans would now be able to perceive what Jason Momoa resembles after he’s been Simpsonised. The show followers may recall how he gave his vocals to 'Aquaman' in 'The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part,' however, in The Simpsons, he’s basically portraying himself.

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Regardless of whether The Simpsons isn’t as great as it used to be, people are reasoning it — that doesn’t imply Matt Groening’s perpetual series can’t still showcase some impressive hilariousness.

Executive producer Al Jean explained what we could anticipate from Momoa’s cameo in The Simpsons. Jean described Momoa is the celebrity that shows up and discusses the legend of the saint who was ground up and martyred and turned into the origin of modern-day pistachio ice cream. 

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 'Momoa recites a very gruesome story – and then Patty and Selma wanted him to sign their boobs, but he runs away,' says the show’s producer.

Jason Momoa heads to Springfield for The Simpsons guest role. (Source: Entertainment Weekly)

While it doesn’t appear like the greatest guest role for a Hollywood A-lister "The Simpsons" has ever observed, at least Momoa is able to add the beloved series to his CV.

Known for his breakout character as 'Khal Drogo' in 'Game of Thrones,' Momoa took off at the end of Season 1. Despite this, he’s as yet had a noteworthy span in Hollywood and is currently propelling his way to greatness as Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman in the Universe of DC.

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Elsewhere, this calendar’s “Treehouse of Horror” will be paying tribute to Hawkins as we go ‘topsy turvy’ with a Stranger Things spoof. Just as famous as the present trend of superhero movies, The Simpsons wants to take advantage of the Duffer Brothers’ sci-fi series.

With respect to Momoa, he barges in another of his Justice League fellow casts for Simpson's vogue. Just a year ago, Wonder Woman‘s Gal Gadot gamboled herself in the Season 30 premiere.