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Jenelle Evans Insists David Eason Is The Best Dad!

Published Sun Jun 16 2019 By David
Jenelle Evans Insists David Eason Is The Best Dad!

Jenelle Evans shields David Eason after he makes the ID channel’s list of 'Frightening Fathers': “He’s the best anyone can ask for. Children adore him!”

David Eason was just enlisted to the ID Channel’s Top 5 rundown of “Frightening Fathers” and his celebrity wife, Jenelle Evans, is not happy about it.

The former Teen Mom 2 dad was given a spot on the list, which was released on Friday and announced through the channel’s social media networks. 

The video caption states, “Here are five dads who won’t be getting the father of the year award.”

Jenelle Evans says her husband, David Eason is the best father anyone could ask for.
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It then flashes photos of David, in addition to kidnapper and rapist Ariel Castro, Josef Frizel (who detained and assaulted his own daughter for decades), John List (who killed his kids, mother and wife to ensure they all went to heaven), and Larry Ray, who purportedly turned his daughter’s college dorm room into a sex clique den.

ID Channel used the impression that David murdered Jenelle’s dog brutally in front of some of their children as a reason for him to be incorporated in the list. Jenelle— who has remained by David even after he slaughtered her dog and lost the custody of their kids— took to Facebook to defend David (again) and even lauded his fatherhood skills.

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Jenelle stressed the channel was false and a bunch of BS. She added, ‘You put my better half on the most startling list when he was PROTECTING HIS CHILD FROM BEING BITTEN BY A DOG IN THE FACE.’ Evans blamed the fact that it was absolutely absurd. She explained she indeed has been physically beaten by ex’s, slapped in the face, almost died, ran over by a truck from one …. but ‘NONE OF THIS was while I was in a relationship with David Eason.’

Jenelle insisted David is a great spouse and father…despite the fact that he has two kids he isn’t permitted to see (outside of a court visitation center) and one son he is not allowed to see by any stretch of the imagination.

“This is f**king ridiculous. You base my husband being dangerous off of protecting his children? I’ve been through the wringer in life but one thing David has done for my family is being a GREAT FATHER” Jenelle added.

Jenelle Evans and husband David Eason are currently abstained from meeting their own children. 
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Evans stressed her husband is the best anyone can ask for. She emphasized, ‘The children cherish him and when you make some false ‘exceptional’ to get your channel ratings is SICK. Our kids are getting mature enough to see all of this and the media is wanton. They NEVER pay special mind to the best interest of your family or children.’

Jenelle then warned the ID Channel that they ought to anticipate a type of celestial discipline for including David in the video.

“God will see your actions,” she cautioned.

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This is not the only thing Jenelle shared on her Facebook page on Friday that attracted the eyes. A meme posted by the previous ‘Teen Mom 2’ star expressing that her “life has been falling apart” yet showing signs of improvement was likewise... interesting, considering Jenelle recently lost custody of every one of her children.

Evans post further reads ‘My life has been falling apart but also together in the meantime. Every individual that has left away has been supplanted by someone better. Each circumstance that hasn’t worked out has driven me to a more prominent one. So now when things go left, I know it’s for another thing to go right.’

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Jenelle also showed her annoyance regarding David’s Father’s Day being tarnished.

“Ruin Father’s Day before it even begins,” she lettered. “Niiiice.”