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What is Ladd Drummond's Net Worth? Learn About His Earnings and Wealth Here

Published Tue Jul 13 2021 By Tashipalmo
What is Ladd Drummond's Net Worth? Learn About His Earnings and Wealth Here

Ladd Drummond's Net Worth in 2021: Find All the Details Here!

The world may know Ladd Drummond as the husband of Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, but the truth is he is a big personality himself. Maybe not as acclaimed as his wife, but he certainly boasts more wealth than her. Ladd is a fourth-generation rancher of the 'Drummond Ranch' in Osage County, Oklahoma.

He was born Ladd Alexander Drummond, on January 22, 1969, in Nebraska, to Chuck Drummond and Nan Olsen. Ladd grew up living a country life with his parents and his brothers, Todd and Tim. The 52-year-old rancher still lives a quiet, rustic life with his wife and five children. Continue reading for more deets.

What is Ladd Valued's Net Worth in 2021? 

The Drummonds are one of the largest landowners in the USA. Ladd and his family own over 433,000 acres of land. And unlike his wife, who has cash flowing in from multiple sources, Ladd relies only on his cattle ranching business. Ladd Drummond's Net Worth in 2021 is estimated to be a whopping $200 million. As of 2022, his net worth is the same as in 2021.

Ladd Drummond is husband of Ree Drummond.

The Drummonds are one of the largest landowners in the US.
Photo Source: The Pioneer Woman

As per the Daily Mail, the Bureau of Land Management has paid Drummond Land & Cattle Co $23.9 million since December 2006. The payments were made so the Drummonds (Drummond Land & Cattle Co.) will protect wild horses and burros on their land.

Ladd Drummond's Net worth is estimated to be $200 million.

Ladd, his brother, and his father co-founded The Drummond Land & Co.
Photo Source: Married Divorce

The Drummond Land & Co. was founded by Ladd, his father Chuck, and brother Tim, in the early 1900s. His late great-great-grandfather, Fredrick Drummond, first emigrated from Scotland and paved the foundation of Ladd's empire. Their official website states, Tim and Ladd, work hard to manage the industry. They aim to leave it better than they found it.

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The Untold Truth about Ladd Drummond and his Wife, Ree Drummond!

The Pioneer woman, a blog, cooking show, book, clothing line, and basically an empire, is the brainchild of Ree Drummond. But Ree confesses she wouldn't have made it without her husband's support. The endeavor first started as a hobby, Ree and today, it has turned into a million dollars industry.    

Ladd and Ree took a foster kid named Jamar.

Ree and Ladd introduced their foster son, Jamar, two years ago.
Photo Source: Sahiwal

Ladd and Ree first met at a bar in Bartlesville. A young Ree had plans for city life, but meeting Ladd brought some changes in the plan. In her blog post, she refers to her husband as the Marlboro man. After a few months of dating and stalling, the powerhouse couple finally tied the knots in September 1996.

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The Drummond couple is not only known for their hereditary privileges and mouth-watering recipe. The Pioneer Woman fans have consistently drawn inspiration from their marriage. Ladd revealed the secret to their withstanding marriage is to prioritize spending time together over everything.

Ree and Ladd have four children together. Alex, Paige, Bryce, and Todd. The couple took in a foster child named Jamar two years ago. Their eldest, Alex, recently tied the knots with her boyfriend, Mauricio. Taking to her Instagram, the doting mother of five wrote, "Our honeymoon baby is getting married tonight."  

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