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Liam Hemsworth Is Back On Instagram After His Split From Wife Miley Cyrus; He Looks Rugged And Beaten

Published Thu Aug 29 2019 By Travis
Liam Hemsworth Is Back On Instagram After His Split From Wife Miley Cyrus; He Looks Rugged And Beaten

Liam Hemsworth is back on Instagram after the short lived eight month marriage with Miley Cyrus ended almost a month ago.

It’s been more than two weeks since the split between Liam Hemsworth and his wife Miley Cyrus became public knowledge. The former couple who were on again and off again for more than a decade split with both side giving their own reasons for the split.

A spokesperson made it clear the couple was separating to focus on themselves and their careers separately. But as days rolled by, Liam said he didn’t want to talk about the whole situation, which was painful for all the parties involved. Liam was not doing so well and on the other side of the spectrum was Miley, who was vacationing in Italy and making out with Kaitlynn Carter.

Kaitlynn and Miley kissing while on vacation.
Miley and Kaitlynn were spotted kissing while on vacation in Italy.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Miley then released a song about the split called ‘Slide Away,’ where she, for all intents and purposes, said the split happened because of Liam’s overindulgence of drugs. The song was a hard-hitting accusation and put all the blame on the shoulders of Liam and Liam’s camp refuted the claim wholeheartedly. They even accused Miley of indulging in an extramarital affair during their time together and said it was the reason why the couple split up.

Finally, Liam filed for divorce, 11 days after the split was announced and Miley was said to be shocked by the fast pace of the whole situation. Miley’s representative said she was shocked and heartbroken from the development and said she wanted to save the relationship and wanted to be married. But the two grew apart and separated due to the complications in their relationships.

Liam and Miley split.
Liam filed for divorce after 11 days of the announcement of their split.

Source: Glamour Fame

Miley was quick to move on with her romance with Kaitlynn reaching an all-time high with the two living together in Los Angeles after the boat incident. But Liam was radio silent about the split and didn’t make any kind of statement except for the new post he made on Instagram about four hours ago.

In the post, Liam is promoting a new movie coming on 30 August; this was the first post he made in more than 15 days. The last time Liam made a post on Instagram, he sent out a photo of a sun setting on the horizon with the caption which in gist read, the comments attributed to him in the press were not his, and it is not real unless they hear it from Liam on his official Instagram page.

The new photo posted on his official Instagram page shows Liam leaning on his car with blood coming from the right side of his forehead. He is wearing a hula shirt, and a leather jacket and the man looks tired, rugged and beaten, which is probably how he feels right now after his split from the love of almost a decade.

According to IMDb the synopsis for the series read, “Moe Diamond is a New York City money launderer who wakes up with no memory and millions of dollars in stolen cash and drugs. He must soon scour the streets in search of answers while trying to dodge a crew of violent and crooked cops.”

Liam is playing 'Moe', and the movie is independently produced with Malik Bader writing and directing. The film currently boasts a great cast of Emory Cohen and Diane Guerrero and the R-rated independent flick is set for 30 August 2019 release.

Miley is moving on, and this Instagram post seems to be the first sign of Liam also moving on with his work and his life. Even though the photo is about a movie, it seems the actor’s got his priorities in order to move forward after only the eight-month-long marriage.