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Miley Cyrus Delivered a Tearful Emotional Tribute at The Voice Contestant Janice Freeman’s Memorial Service

Published Thu Mar 21 2019 By Chester
Miley Cyrus Delivered a Tearful Emotional Tribute at The Voice Contestant Janice Freeman’s Memorial Service

Miley Cyrus delivered a soulful tribute to former 'The Voice' contestant Janice Freeman's memorial service on Monday.

Janice Freeman, a popular contestant from the season 13 of “The Voice” sadly passed away in Pasadena, Calif on Saturday. Janice, 33, suffered from an extreme case of pneumonia, which caused the blood clot to travel her heart.

When Janice first auditioned for The Voice, she amused almost everyone in the room with her incredibly powerful and melodic voice. Out of all four judges, Miley Cyrus was the one who adored her most saying 'you sang better than original'.

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Freeman was also a survivor of cancer and been a huge inspiration to the whole world.

Janice Freeman
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Janice made it to top 11 of The Voice season 13 representing Miley's team. With her positive energy and thrilling voice, she was able to connect with the judges quickly, especially with Miley.

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The 26-years-old Miley delivered an emotional tribute honoring the life and legacy of Janice Freeman. The ceremony was hosted two weeks after Janice's departure where Miley couldn't hold her tears during the speech.

Miley gets emotional during Janice Freeman's memorial service performance.

The Wrecking Ball hitmaker emotionally expresses her gratitude and love towards Janice for teaching her some valuable lessons in life saying:

“Before we sing this song for Janice, I just want to clear up a rumor. I was never her coach, ever, she was always mine. I learned more from her than anyone that I’ve ever gotten the honor to be in the room with, not just vocally, I should’ve gotten more lessons than I did, but she taught me everything that I know about love.”

Jolene singer adds:

“I had planned on singing a song for her, but just losing her is just too much for me. So my dad’s going to take care of this for me. But, I’ll always be your sister, and I’m here for you, and I’m here for your family, and Janice I’ll miss you more than I could ever say. So, my dad is going to do this for me.”

Miley later shared about their closed bond and strong off-screen relationship sharing:

“All those texts I would receive, just of you telling me that you’re praying for ME. How you were so selfless I’ll never understand. The way you found the good in everything. You are now a rainbow. Something beautiful that comes after something so gloomy.”

“I miss you so much it hurts,” said Miley, who helped Freeman and her family with money when they were facing financial crisis. Miley and Janice shared a close relationship with each other like sisters. The two used to share things and support each other at the time of need.

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Miley at the end expressed her solace to Janice with a moving piece of poetry sharing 'Everywhere but so did you. So often. So much pain and no one would ever notice because of the smile and joy you constantly radiated. I am trying my best today to celebrate your existence but I can’t help but just deeply mourn over your absence.'