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Pornhub Reports Searches For Area 51 Have Skyrocketed

Published Tue Jul 23 2019 By Kenshinpark
Pornhub Reports Searches For Area 51 Have Skyrocketed

The insights show whopping 58,992 searches for Area 51 on 16 July alone.

How weird your fetishes can be? Think you have seen and known it all? Well, hold on a sec, we have some news for you.

Every time a Pornhub search insight comes out, we find about the wildest fantasies people have for their sexual life. 

area 51 on pornhub

This time, the insights came, which broke all the barrier of terrestrial livings.

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There was a surge on Pornhub people looking up for Area 51, but why you may ask! Well, apparently, when there's any topic of conversation, that topic becomes subject of masturbation as well.

We have seen weirdest stuff surfacing on the homepage of Pornhub likes of accidental pornstar from Love Island, sh*t on a d*ck, vampire, burglar, and caught. Literally anything!

Our sexual appetites are still driven by the news, even if there is no logical reason why. 

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The searches for Area 51 skyrocketed on Pornhub recently, proves if somebody can think about something, then they can for sure also f*p about said something.

The insights also show there were no searches for Area 51, which is a highly classified US Air Force base in Nevada linked with alien conspiracy theories, prior to July 12.

The search for the highly classified area became popular following the Area 51 raid joke started to come out on the internet. With whopping 58,992 searches for Area 51 on 16 July alone. 

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But seriously, what were people expecting to get from their searches? What kind of videos were they hoping to pop up? 

Alien-human bumping their bellies in Area 51 (if, and only if, how they actually do it!) ??? Just yesterday, we covered a story in which one woman (a time traveler) claimed an alien impregnated her

The Internet can be one hell of a weird place, be aware people!