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Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Story Part II: Here's What You Should Know

Published Sun Aug 30 2020 By Kenshinpark
Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Story Part II: Here's What You Should Know

Here's what you should know about Rebel Wilson's weight loss in 2020.

Rebel Wilson (born Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson) is an Australian actress, comedian, writer, and producer. The 40-year-old actress started to appear on Australian Theatre for Young People in 2003, and that's how she got into the entertainment business.

Rebel worked as Toula in the Special Broadcasting Service comedy series, Pizza, and she subsequently appeared on 'The Wedge,' through which she gained massive popularity in the showbiz industry.

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Well, we suppose we don't need to stress more about her career as we all know how successful she is in what she does. And we also assume you know about her weight loss journey.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss in 2020

Previously we covered a story about her impressive weight loss, the journey she started in 2016. Rebel Wilson lost a whopping 35 pounds and got her total weight a little under 200 pounds.

rebel wilson weight loss in 2020.

Rebel Wilson looks completely a different person following her weight loss.
Photo Source: Rebel's Instagram

And fast forward to 2019, the actress didn't stop her healthier lifestyle and continued losing weight. Back in 2019, the actress revealed she wanted to lose more weight, and she did and shocked the whole world with her then-new transformation.

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The actress looked a lot trimmer than what we have her image of her in the past, the 'Rebel Wilson' we knew in the past, is gone, she is a total new person now! In 2020, she wants to lose more weight.

Rebel Wilson Shared Her Weight Loss Goal in 2020

Recently Rebel Wilson shared her health updates, and they are nothing but inspiring and motivating to many; well, we suppose it should be because staying healthy is something we all should look up to this year!

The Pitch Perfect actress took to her social media to share another update on her 'year of health' goals on Instagram on Friday. Rebel revealed she is just 18 pounds away from her weight loss goal and thanked fans for their ongoing support.

rebel wilson weight loss in 2020.

Here's what Rebel Wilson said about her weight loss journey in 2020.
Photo Source: Rebel Wilson's Instagram

The Australian actress said she hopes to get down to 165 pounds by the end of 2020.

The actress wrote, 

"Thanks for all the love so far on my 'Year of Health' journey - when I was reaching for the candies last night after dinner, I thought to myself, 'hmmmm...better not' and had a bottle of water instead. 8kg's to go until I hit my goal - hopefully, I can do it by the end of the year."

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