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Round Up of New York Fashion Week - Quieter Collections Leaves The Biggest Impression

Published Sat Feb 16 2019 By Jessica
Round Up of New York Fashion Week - Quieter Collections Leaves The Biggest Impression

The New York Fashion Week - Quieter Collections leaves the biggest impression.

As the New York Fashion Week 2019 came and went by, we took a look at what designers and fashion brands had to offer this time.

Throughout this week, we witnessed some major fashion highlights from street styles to runway trends to traditional shows to diversity to a few debuts. 

Undoubtedly, from sparkly disco dresses to fur coats to leather boots to every fashion trends left a big impact and a big impression.

With no further ado, let's take a look at some of the best New York Fashion Week collections. 

Michael Kors


Michael Kors could never do no wrong! The sparkly disco dresses, tailored knickerbockers, faux fur overcoats, checkered suits, Shaft-style trench coats worn by the models looked totally amazing.

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The Row


The new waist-focused silhouette, series of coats and elongated jackets, tailored pants, what's there not to like? No wonder, the label is receiving more appreciation from fashion insiders winning more industry praises.



Emily Bode and her ability to create such magical and fun pieces is something very exciting. She took her love for the handmade and weather-worn and turned them into something more flourishing. And that is something that we clearly witnessed at the runway.

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Tom Ford

SOURCE: Gigi Hadid Instagram

Tom Ford delivered glamour in slinky dresses, razor-sharp suiting, and furry hats. The designer once again proved what his mind and creation can bring to the fashion world. Oh, and not to mention the red velvet tailored suit that's on our favorite list.

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Tomo Koizumi

SOURCE: Tomo Koizumi

Tomo Koizumi's colorful debut at the New York Fashion Week can be considered as one of the most magnificent and fun runway debuts. All high profile models including Bella Hadid, Emily RatajkowskiRowan Blanchard, and Gwendoline Christie clad in the designers as they presented in the puffy rainbow gowns from the stairs look unexpected but brilliant.