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What is Sarah Wayne Callies' Net Worth in 2021? Learn About Her Earnings and Salary

Published Sun Sep 05 2021 By shirayoky
What is Sarah Wayne Callies' Net Worth in 2021? Learn About Her Earnings and Salary

What is Sarah Wayne Callies' Net Worth in 2021? Learn About Her Salary and Earnings

Sarah Wayne Callies, born on( June 1, 1977) in La Grange, Illinois, is an actress. She is known for starring Sara Tancredi in Fox's Prison Break and Lori Grimes in AMC's The Walking Dead.

She married her other half on July 21, 2002, Josh Winterhalt, whom she met at Dartmouth. On January 23, 2007, they gave birth to their daughter

The actress's accomplished an ample amount to herself after all these years of success. Continue reading to know more about Sarah Wayne Callies' net worth.

What is the Net Worth of Sarah Wayne Callie as of 2021?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Sarah Wayne's networth is estimated at around $3 million as of 2021. She is one of the major actresses today in television series.

Sarah Wayne Callie networth is estimated at around $6 million

Sarah Wayne Callies holds a staggering networth of $3 million as of 2021.
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Sarah Wayne Callies first emerged in an episode of ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in 2003. Then pop up in an episode of ‘Dragnet’ and ‘Queens Supreme.’ 

She got cast as Sara Tancredi in the drama series ‘Prison Break.’ Two years later, in 2007, Callies acted in four episodes of ‘Queens Supreme.’ Around that time, she did the flick ‘Whisper.’ 

In 2010, Callies portrayed the character of Lori Grimes in the series ‘The Walking Dead.’ That same year, she appeared in the movie ‘Lullaby for Pi’.

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After this, she got featured in‘ Black Gold,’ ‘Faces in the Crowd,’ ‘Black November,’ ‘Into the Storm,’ and ‘Pay the Ghost.’ Afterward, The actress began playing the role of Katie Bowman in the series ‘Colony’ in 2016.

She starred as Sara Tancredi in the TV movie ‘Resurrection: Prison Break’ a year later. Later, She also acted in the film ‘This Is Your Death’ that year.

Callies has also written, directed, and stars in the post-apocalyptic series Aftershock that features David Harbour and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. It is a fast-paced thriller about a massive earthquake that destroys the West Coast, causing a mysterious island to rise from the Pacific.

Why Did Sara Make an Appearance in Season 4 of Prison Break But Not in Season 3?

Many fans still wonder why she didn't appear in season 3 of Prison Break. According to her, as previously stated, she had a baby that year and wanted to take a break from filming to be with her. Notably, it was a difficult situation to be in for her.

Sarah Wayne Callies as Sara in 'Prison Break.'

Sarah Wayne Callies Appears in Prison Break season 4.
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After a break from filming, the actress was fine with coming back to the show, so the writers found a clever way to make it appear as though she was taken hostage and faked a murder.

The Walking Dead Star Sarah Wayne Callies Makes Fun of Andrew Lincoln's Driving Skills

Sarah Wayne Callies told many nice things regarding her former The Walking Dead on-screen husband, Andrew Lincoln. The two remained close friends even after both of them left the zombie series. But that will not stop her from revealing the secret of the seemingly perfect star's on Friday Night In With the Morgans, which is quite hilarious.

The Walking dead co-star together Sarah Wayne callies and Andrew LIncoln

Sarah Wayne makes fun of her on-screen husband Andy Lincoln from The Walking Dead.
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According to her, "she thinks that about the first season of The Walking Dead was sort of the weirdest to her. so, "Andy Lincoln, as most of they know, he is one of the most capable people on television," while donning a sporty hat. "He can do anything, can speak in any accent, can make things look easy, can sweat as well as still be sexy."

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Afterward, she again stated that "But the thing he can't do" is drive. So because Andy's British and grew up in London, he didn't have a driver's license until, like, five minutes before he came to Georgia."

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