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Top 10 Keanu Reeves Movies Ever!

Published Tue Aug 20 2019 By Travis
Top 10 Keanu Reeves Movies Ever!

Almost 40 years into a Hollywood career, no one particularly expects themselves to be considered as the greatest thing heavens ever created. But it is what happened with Keanu Reeves, an actor who was beloved among fan bases around the world but could never really sustain a long amount of successful period.

Take, for example, Patrick Swayze who was the “It” man in the 80s and early 90s or the almost over a decade worth of dominance showed by Will Smith after the turn of the century. Keanu never sustained success for an extended period of time, there was no directorial partnership like Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro and later on Leonardo DiCaprio or constant Oscar love like Daniel Day-Lewis.

Keanu Reeves.
Keanu Reeves is enjoying a rare renaissance 35 years into his career.

Keanu was a sporadic performer, he would find small pockets of success, but they would never stretch out over a long period of time. So, when 2014 rolled in and all of a sudden an actor in early 50s was making all the headwind, almost 35 years into his career. It was something never before seen in Hollywood, and he amazed everyone because for the next five years he became more than relevant, he became a zeitgeist capturing, transforming presence in the movies.

For the first time in his career, more people were looking at Keanu, and they saw what fans of Keanu always saw in him, humbleness and care. A whole new generation got introduced to Keanu, and he became the internet’s boyfriend and for people who are just now discovering Keanu from Toy Story 4 and 'Always Be My Maybe', here are the top 10 movies of Keanu Reeves.

10. Constantine

Directed by Francis Lawrence and based on the hugely popular 'John Constantine' comic book series by Alan Moore. This movie was much maligned when it came out for the not so accurate depiction of the character from the comics but since then the film found a new lease of life in home media where it is not a cult favorite for the whole depiction of hell as “a post-nuclear Los Angeles created by animators wit hangover.”

9. Man of Tai Chi

'Man of Tai Chi' was an action movie and the directorial debut of Keanu. He not only directs the film but also acts in it with his friend and former stunt performer Tiger Chen. The movie was partly based on the life of Tiger, and the whole film followed a multi-lingual narrative with a real and visceral look at the sport of illegal fighting. The movie stands out particularly because of the stunts performed by the actors and the whole final battle between 'Kai' and Tiger looks super realistic as opposed to something pieced together in post. If you love old Kung Fu movies, this film is definitely for you.

8. Street Kings

Directed by David Ayer 'Street Kings' wasn’t exactly a blockbuster action mystery thriller movie but it did the trick. Keanu Reeves played a depressed hero who must clear his name after being accused of killing his fellow officer. This was an action-packed almost two-hour movie which did okay business at the box office and gave Keanu something to work with, emotionally.

7. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

This is the wackiest thing you will ever see from Keanu, a time travel movie with a hint of Doctor Who. Two slacker friends come together to go on a quest so they can complete their history presentation. Everyone knows the “Whoa” meme, but they know it from Keanu’s deadpan delivery in The Matrix, well, Keanu did it first here. Just do yourself a favor and watch this movie because by the end of the day you are going to come away with some sick lines to irritate your friends.

6. Point Break

Most people would consider putting this movie way higher or lower; this movie is something you either love it or hate it; there are no middle grounds. Just read the synopsis, “An F.B.I. Agent goes undercover to catch a gang of surfers who may be bank robbers,” and you already know it is either going to be one of the greatest things you’ve ever seen, or it is going to suck rocks. Oh and just so you are intrigued to check this movie out, just hear the Keanu’s name in the film, 'Johnny Utah'. Tell us you don’t want to at least check it out now!

5. John Wick: Chapter 2

Another controversial pick but we just didn’t know how to list these John Wick movies, all are great in their own rights, but someone needs to be sacrificed we can accommodate all. 'John Wick: Chapter 2' is one of the best action movies we’ve ever seen, and this fifth position doesn’t do the film any amount of justice, but it also goes to show the top strength Keanu possess when it comes to fan-favorite cult classic movies.

4. The Matrix

Okay! We get it, we might be pissing you off but just hear us out, The Matrix was a revolutionary movie. The technology used within the film is still imitated today, the looks are almost a staple in the dystopian world. Hugo Weaving is a choice villain in all action movies ever because of this film. The reason why we’ve to place it a little lower than its rightful place is because of the god awful sequels, which just leaves a bad taste in our mouth whenever we talk about The Matrix. There is a reason no one speaks of 'The Godfather Part III', it was awful and hampered the legacy of the legendary first two movies. The same cannot be done for The Matrix because two out of three films are hideous.

3. John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

Probably the best John Wick movie, so you may be asking why in the third position? Well, the answer is simple; two other films are better than this one on our list. 'John Wick 3' built on the lore of part 2 and just went nuts with all the action, the ways he kills people is something you will need to see to believe. There was never a franchise like John Wick in history, and there never will be just because of the director and the actor’s dedication to cram as much realistic content as they can. John Wick 3 is still in theatres, and setting milestones, so do yourself a favor and go watch this movie.

2. Speed

Yup! We went there, this is a controversial pick, but we love Speed, it was the first movie we watched starring Keanu Reeves and ever since then 'Jack Traven' is stamped in our brains. A 'Die-Hard' rip-off, Speed was just Die-Hard in a bus, but the stakes were so much higher and the way they filmed the whole movie with Sandra Bullock and Keanu doing the best playing in a claustrophobic film which still holds up today. You might say The Matrix logic applies here; also, 'Speed 2' was one of the hideous things ever, but the thing is Keanu was not in Speed 2, so we cannot blame him for the awfulness of the second movie.

Denis Hopper’s character of 'Howard Payne' is still the greatest movie villain of all-time if you want to disagree just leave your name and address on our site so we can come to see you in person.

1. John Wick

This might be confusing; we just said 'John Wick: Chapter 3' was the best John Wick movie ever and one of the greatest action movies. So, the reason we are putting John Wick ahead of every other film in this list is, it was this particular movie which started the 'Keanusance' and for the first time in Keanu’s career, allowed him to enjoy sustained time period of success. For the first time, a director used Keanu’s stoicism and his lack of facial expression to optimal use, making Keanu into a cold-blooded killer who is the one person you don’t want to come visit you in the night. John Wick will live in infamy for the way it handled genre tropes and killed the handheld shaky-cam editing room action BS, Hollywood adopted after ‘The Bourne Ultimatum.’

John Wick
Keanu Reeves was rejuvenated by John Wick.

The dedication and care shown by Keanu for all his characters is something which is rare for an actor in this day and age. This is also the reason why fans love Keanu so much; he is who he seems to be, a humble man who is dedicated to his craft 100%. The Keanusance is not slowing anytime soon either, with a new book coming about, talking about what your life will look like Keanu Reeves were you boyfriend. The man is 54 years old, and he is a national treasure who will always live in the hearts of fans and people he’s touched over the years.

Keanu Reeves will next be seen in Bill and Ted 3 where he is sporting a new look, and also, he will start filming for the fourth John Wick movie, pretty soon.