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What Happened To Keanu Reeves' Daughter? Does He Have Any Other Children?

Published Mon Sep 09 2019 By Travis
What Happened To Keanu Reeves' Daughter? Does He Have Any Other Children?

Keanu Reeves is one of the best actors there is, well if you ask the internet in 2019 then it will tell you he is the greatest living human on earth. It is the power of Keanu; this year’s been the greatest in his career, Keanu enjoyed the best box office collection of his career with Toy Story 4 making over $1 billion. But the one thing which endeared Keanu into the hearts of the masses was the assassin who hunts down people who killed his dog and sent them to hell.

John Wick is one of the best-acclaimed action franchises in the world with the third movie setting milestone for the franchise. The power of Keanu is undeniable this year with the actor doing no wrong, but there is one thing missing from Keanu’s life, a love life. Well, the people outside looking think there is something missing.

Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves was never romantically involved with anyone except one time.

Source: Yahoo News

The amazing thing is the man is never involved in any types of romance rumors, or we never got any type of confirmation about the actor engaging romantically with any person. But the thing is he was in a relationship once, but does he father any child, or is he married?

Keanu Reeves Is Married?

Keanu Reeves

Well, almost, Keanu Reeves was married on the set of 'Bram Stocker’s Dracula' which complicated things when Winona Ryder told him they were still married to each other. The thing is, during the filming of the movie and a pivotal marriage ceremony, the director of the movie Francis Ford Coppola brought in real priests to film the scene. Since the whole thing took place inside a church, and the couple was married by a priest, it seems they are kind of married.

Keanu didn’t know about the whole thing before Winona finally reminded him of the ceremony during a press event of a movie they were promoting. Both of them joked about being married to one another, and the fact they are not divorced yet makes it seem like they are kind of married or so Winona joke around with Keanu.

Keanu Was Father Of A Child, But Tragedy Followed

Jennifer Syme and Keanu Reeves

Keanu was never the type of person who would walk around the town with a new model girlfriend in his arms. He’s always been a private person when it comes to relationships, but there was a time when Keanu fell in love. In the late 90s, Keanu met Jennifer Syme, and the two of them were engaged in a long relationship for two years.

The couple was involved for two years when both of them were expecting a child in 2000. But the happiness was not everlasting because Syme gave birth to a stillborn baby and like all relationship would be strained, Keanu’s and Syme relationship was strained by the stillborn baby.

Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Syme
Jennifer Syme was pregnant with Keanu's kid and the child was stillborn.

Source: Mice Times

Their relationship was no more after the stillborn baby and on 2 April 2000, Syme lost her life in a car accident when her jeep was involved in a huge accident which resulted in her death. Both of the former couple were under a lot of stress after the loss of a child, and it seems the actress took it the hardest because after the accident the police found white powdery substance inside her car and she was inebriated according to the police after the police concluded their investigation.

Though Keanu is on the top of the world, if you would ask him now to choose this adoration by the masses or the love of his child, he would definitely choose the latter, and no one would blame him for it. Despite so much pain and loss, still Keanu manages to move forward and inspire others to be better, truly this earth does not deserve someone as soulful as Keanu.