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Avengers: Endgame Trailer #2: Major Scenes and their Hidden Meaning

Published Sun Mar 17 2019 By David
Avengers: Endgame Trailer #2: Major Scenes and their Hidden Meaning

Major scenes from the Avengers: Endgame Trailer; what each action means for the movie?

Marvel has done a huge favor to the fans by teasing up a surprise trailer, but the montage still maintains the covert act of MCU—resisting to give any of the major plot-leaks. In addition, time and again, the Marvel studio boss, Kevin Feige has been confirming that most of the trailers have been extracted from the first 15-20 minutes of the film, so whatever the actions, trailer 2 is showing, it just might be another tricky attempt from the marketing team to throw the fans into a complete misdirection.

However, its also equally possible that almost all of the glimpses from the trailer are set to take place in the movie in the same fashion. In the meantime here are some thrilling details from the new trailer of Avengers: Endgame.

Ant Man Confirmed to be In Avengers 4

Ant-Man is confirmed to be in Avengers: Endgame
SOURCE: Marvel Studios 

One of the most intriguing moments in the first trailer was the arrival of Scott Lang, portrayed by Paul Rudd at Avengers HQ with his Quantum-powered minivan.

While the presence of Lang in Endgame is a pleasant if not a particularly surprising revelation, one moment worth the attention is when Cap and Black Widow ask each other about what they’re seeing. Many masters have already concluded that the footage of Lang shown in the first trailer was never a "live" moment—seeing the word archive in the upper left corner of the screen led the comic-goers to theorize that perhaps the security camera clip was, in fact, a very “old message” and from a different year entirely. (as mentioned, a misdirection may be)

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However, the new trailer significantly shows more confirmation of Ant-man actually being in the Endgame. In this second footage, Antman features heavily throughout the trailer, but one scene, in particular, shows a confused Scott looking at a road pole plastered with missing person posters. This and the moment where the line ups with the rest of the Avengers in a never-before-seen attire (after Tony’s “whatever it takes”), definitely affirms that this miniature superhero has a mountain task to do in the Endgame.

Time Travel

Either the Time Stone or Ant-Man's Quantum Realm is certain to alter the time in Endgame 
SOURCE: Screen Rant

The alteration of time seems to be the only way through which the earth mightiest hero can pull off their redeeming act. One of the biggest questions that have been on the widespread since the Thanos’ snap was if, how and when time travel would factor into the next Avengers movie.

Ant-man and the Wasp explored the potential of the Quantum Realm, opening up the opportunity for that mode of inter-dimensional transportation to come into play in Endgame. And we know from that film’s post-credits scene Quantum Realm encompasses a whole new segment where one can either easily manipulate the time or be entrapped in it (the time Vortex).

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As Janet Van Dyne would say to Lang, “And don’t get sucked into a time vortex. We won’t be able to save you.” And as this newest trailer seems to indicate, it appears more and more likely audiences are going to see the MCU timeline being exploited in the fourth Avengers movie. The Superbowl trailer of Avengers: Endgame showed clips of Liberty Island surrounded by seemingly abandoned ships as well as Citi Field looking ominously empty.

Also, the statue of Liberty showed up for the second time in the new trailer, and the vicinity around it are all appearing to have their power being cut off. But halfway through the trailer, we see a short sequence of the Avengers’ Quinjet coming out of the clouds with a city in front of them, except this time the same area is all lit up.

This could be one of the flashbacks from pre-Infinity War or the celebration scene after the Avengers have finally knocked out Thanos and resurrected all of those who were dusted in the Avengers 3. Whichever, the case, it at least confirms that some modification in the timeline is bound to happen in the next Avengers movie.

We Finally Knew What Hawkeye Was Doing During the Infinity War

Barton was out in a picnic with his family during Infinity War
SOURCE: Marvel Studios 

In the trailer no. 2 we see agent Barton doing some archery chores with a teenage girl (probably his daughter), all while the rest of his family is enjoying an outing in the background. Unfortunately, like the post-credit scene of Ant-man and the Wasp, this could be Clint’s status amidst that infamous “snap”. The odds of Barton family surviving the snap were always less to nil. We pretty much knew from the Hawkeye's Ronin Avatar in the first trailer that something wrong has definitely happened to Barton’s wife and his children.

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Given the storyline from comics, Ronin emerges when Barton’s family is murdered in an act of revenge by his former colleague, and the Endgame seems to be very much following the same plot.

The New Suits

Avengers wearing the new suits confirms some actions are certain to take place in the Quantum Realm.
SOURCE: Marvel Studios

After Tony’s utterance of “whatever it takes” we are taken into the scene where all the Avengers, except Thor, Rocket, Captain Marvel donning in a brand new suit. But what does it really mean for the narrative? First and foremost, all of the suits have been well forecasted in a different issue of comics.

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These outfits featuring a distinctive red and white color pattern have been worn by the heroes in several off-screen stories during their intergalactic travel. Only this time they look far more similar to Hank Pym’s suit in Ant-man and the Wasp, which suggest the chances of the Quantum Realm happening in Endgame couldn’t get any better.

Captain Marvel Is Indeed in the Movie

Captain Marvel teams up with the Avengers

Carol may be the only card left up in the Avengers’ sleeve in defeating Thanos. The mid credit scene of Captain Marvel, the movie shows Warbird actually making it to the Avengers HQ, whereas the new trailer teases up a bit more of how she’s getting along with the existing Avengers.

But how much is Warbird contributing to the movie??

Well, she hasn’t been shown wearing all that Quantum Realm attire, but she definitely has something much bigger job to do. We all know to rewind the time, the green stone (which currently being under the Thanos’ possession) is must, but few have some ideas as to where Thanos along with time stone is?

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While the Infinity War never revealed the whereabouts of Thanos after the mass genocide, the leaks from the Endgame’s production phase suggests he is resting in his second home planet, Titan 2. Thor, Rocket, and Danvers are the only among other Avengers who can perform well in the intergalactic zones. So these may be the only fitting reason why we didn’t see these trio wearing the new suits.