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Here are Some Interesting Facts to Know About Ant Glizzy

Published Thu Aug 13 2020 By Kenshinpark
Here are Some Interesting Facts to Know About Ant Glizzy

Everything we know about Ant Glizzy, his bio, age, wiki, net worth, girlfriend, and many more.

Ant Glizzy is an American rapper from Washington, DC, born on February 28, 1992. The rapper is in his early 30s known for his SoundCloud profile, which means he grew his audience from the same streaming network.

When fame hits the internet celebs, they eighter fold or rise to be great. Glizzy falls into the second category. The rapper confirmed his ex-associate and brother, Shy Glizzy, involvement in controversial news as 2023 kicked in. Find out more about what Ant told the world!

Ant Glizzy Family/Parents

According to the reports, Ant Glizzy had young parents. While his mother is still alive, Glizzy's father was shot and killed when he was just 19 years old. The rapper grew up with his mother, Barbara Amonte, grandmother, and an older brother, Marquis Amonte, aka Shy Glizzy.

Ant Glizzy took a picture on a staircase and later posted it on Facebook.
Ant Glizzy took a picture on a staircase and later posted it on Facebook.
Source: Facebook

The reports further suggest Ant comes from a Muslim family and grew up reading the Quran, which helped him and his brother to write rap lyrics. 

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Ant and his brother, Shy, have only ten months difference in age, the two grew up and learned to rap together, but with a slight age difference, there were some misunderstandings between the brothers.

Ant Glizzy and Shy Glizzy Beef

So like every rapper has a protege. For instance, Jay Z had Kanye West, and 50 Cent had Lloyd Banks. And about this brothers' duo, they were each other's everything, brothers, sidekicks, and whatnot.

ant glizzy bio age wiki net worth girlfriend.
According to some sources, Ant Glizzy has an estimated net worth of $110,000 as of 2020.
Photo Source: Agency/GF

But the problem between the two brothers arose when Shy Glizzy did not feature his brother, Ant, in his music video. Shy started around 2011 and formed the Glizzy Gang.


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When he released his first song titled "Do It" in 2012, Shy didn't feature Ant following which the tension started to appear between the brothers.

Ant Glizzy confirms that He and Shy Glizzy Spiked Many Women's Drinks!

While the beef between Ant and Shy Glizzy entertained many of their fans, the news about Shy spiking women's drink gained massive buzz after it hit the internet. Ant went on Instagram Live and stated that he and his brother spiked many drinks. 

Glizzy stated while he did it once nonchalantly, his brother has been drugging women for the past ten years. Likewise, the news of Shy spiking woman generated a massive buzz after Sky Bri came forth and accused the Glizzy Gang member of sexual misconduct.

Ant Glizzy's Social Media Presence and Relationship

Ant Glizzy often connects with his fans and friends via the social media platform Twitter. He is most active there, and his fans hardly miss any updates. But apart from Twitter, Ant Glizzy merely uses other social media.

Ant used to be on Instagram, but the rapper once updated his fans; his account was banned from social media. 

And about his relationship, Ant Glizzy is probably single as of 2022. Glizzy never mentioned or talked about his love interest, if there's any, in public. So, it's assumed the rapper is single as of now.

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Ant Glizzy and Rise In the Hip-Hop Industry!

It's been quite a while since the rapper kept posting his music on Soundcloud but didn't receive the recognition he always deserved. But in 2015, the rapper released his first-ever mixtape, "Barbara Son." 

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The 2015's mixtape "Barbara Son" really helped Ant Glizzy to gain popularity. His musical career was almost nonexistent before the mixtape, but it allowed him to show some growth.

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