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Beyond the DJ Booth: Steve Aoki's Remarkable Net Worth and Global Influence!

Published Sat Aug 19 2023 By Bsgurung
Beyond the DJ Booth: Steve Aoki's Remarkable Net Worth and Global Influence!

Steve Aoki, born on November 30, 1977, is a globally renowned American DJ, producer, and electronic dance music (EDM) artist. Hailing from Miami, Florida, Aoki is celebrated for his high-energy performances and innovative music productions that blend EDM with various genres. 

He is the founder of Dim Mak Records, a prominent record label that has launched numerous successful artists. Aoki's electrifying stage presence and collaborations with A-list musicians have solidified his position as a prominent figure in the EDM scene.

Steve Aoki's Net Worth in 2023

Steve Aoki's impressive net worth of $120 million reflects his incredible success as a DJ, producer, and entrepreneur. His remarkable achievements include holding the title of highest-grossing dance artist in North America at different junctures of his career. 

DJ Steve Aoki awards
Image: DJ Steve Aoki at the MTV Awards Show. Source: MTV

Aoki's musical prowess extends beyond the EDM world, as he has collaborated with a diverse array of artists including Linkin Park, Iggy Azalea, Lil Jon, blink-182, BTS, Backstreet Boys, Rise Against, and Fall Out Boy, showcasing his versatile and boundary-pushing approach to music.

Earnings Over The Year

Steve Aoki's work ethic is truly remarkable, as he consistently performs over 200 gigs annually, setting him apart as one of the hardest-working DJs in the industry. His unique ability to infuse fresh energy into each of his performances has earned him a distinctive reputation. 

Aoki's tireless dedication to his craft is evident, making him a true powerhouse in the music scene. His remix of "Pursuit of Happiness" catapulted him to fame, showcasing his creative prowess. 

In 2019, multiple sources reported that Steve Aoki's earnings exceeded an impressive $25 million, solidifying his status as a top earner and reaffirming his unwavering commitment to his passion. Back in 2012, he earned over $12 Million, and $14 Million in 2013.

Steve Aoki Highest Earning and Richest DJ in The World

Renowned for his exceptional talent, Steve Aoki stands tall among the world's highest-earning DJs. With a net worth surpassing $100 million in 2023, Aoki secures his place just above the esteemed Swedish House Mafia. Ranked as the fifth richest DJ globally, Aoki's success shines brightly. 

Notably, he follows a trail of esteemed figures, with DJ Tiësto holding the fourth position with $170 million, followed by Fianluca Vachhi and David Guetta sharing the third spot with $200 million each. Seizing the crown is the legendary Calvin Harris, reigning as the richest DJ with an impressive fortune of $300 million.

Lavish Homes and Apartment

Residing in the serene Las Vegas suburb of Henderson, Nevada, Steve Aoki and his wife have carved their home within a lavish haven. Their sprawling abode spans an impressive 16,000 square feet, nestled on a generous 40,000 square foot lot. 

Originating in 2008, amid the throes of the global financial crisis and real estate turmoil, the house endured a lengthy stint on the market with a $12 million price tag. In a twist of fate, the property found its new owner through an auction in 2014, as Aoki secured it for under $3 million, an all-cash transaction. 

Over the years, Aoki invested substantial resources, both in time and funds, to metamorphose the dwelling into a haven of modernity and technological sophistication—a personal sanctuary he affectionately dubs "Aoki's Playhouse."

Luxurious Car Collections

Steve Aoki's garage boasts an exquisite collection of luxury automobiles that mirror his electrifying career. Among his prized possessions is the Lamborghini Aventador, a symphony of power and design valued at an impressive $700,000.

The Lamborghini Huracan, with its sleek prowess, finds its place with a price tag of $300,000, while the Ferrari 458 Italia exudes elegance and speed at $299,000. A touch of opulence arrives with the Rolls Royce Ghost, a ride of refinement priced at $335,890

Steve Aoki Car
Image: Steve Aoki with his luxurious car. Source: We Rave You

However, Aoki's collection encompasses a spectrum of tastes, including environmentally conscious choices like the BMW iX1, offering sustainability with style at $50,000, and the BMW iX, an innovative blend of luxury and eco-friendliness at $84,100

Not shying away from the thrill, the Scion FR-S, priced at $30,000, injects a dose of sportiness. Rounding off this prestigious ensemble is the Mercedes G63 AMG, a symbol of power and prestige with a price of $157,900.

Art Collections

In addition to his accomplishments in music and his extravagant lifestyle, Steve Aoki also possesses an impeccable taste for art. 

His private art collection stands as a testament to his appreciation for creativity and innovation. Among the treasures within his collection are works by renowned artists Damien Hirst and Banksy.

Investment in SpaceX

Beyond his musical and artistic endeavors, Steve Aoki has established himself as a savvy investor in various private enterprises, showcasing his diverse business acumen. 

Aoki's interests also extend into the realm of technology and innovation, as evidenced by his investments in ride-sharing giant Uber and the groundbreaking space exploration company SpaceX. 

Philanthropic Deeds and Ticket Sales

The Aoki Foundation, spearheaded by Steve Aoki, plays a significant role in advancing research related to the brain, with a specific emphasis on regenerative medicine and brain preservation. 

Aoki's commitment to philanthropy was evident during his 2013 North American tour, where he allocated a portion of ticket proceeds to charitable causes. 

Fans were given the opportunity to vote for their preferred charity, and the Brain Preservation Foundation emerged as the recipient of a substantial $33,000 donation out of the total $65,000 raised from ticket sales.

Steve Aoki's Songs and Albums

Steve Aoki's discography showcases his musical evolution through a series of dynamic albums. It all began with "Wonderland" in 2012, which marked the inception of his creative journey. Subsequently, "Neon Future I" (2014) and "Neon Future II" (2015) ventured into futuristic sounds and collaborations. 

Aoki's exploration continued with "Steve Aoki Presents Kolony" in 2017, diving into the realms of hip-hop and electronic fusion. "Neon Future III" (2018) and "Neon Future IV" (2020) further delved into his signature electronic style, merging innovation with established rhythms. 

As of 2023 his latest release "Hiroquest: Genesis" continues to showcase Aoki's boundary-pushing creativity and musical prowess.

Married Long Time Girlfriend, Tiernan Cowling

In 2015, Steve Aoki tied the knot with his Australian girlfriend, Tiernan Cowling, in a romantic wedding ceremony held in Hawaii.

Steve Aoki wife
Image: Steve Aoki with his beautiful wife, Tiernan Cowling at the event. Source: Daily Mail

The couple had been engaged for five years before taking their vows, sealing their enduring commitment to each other.

Parents, Brothers, and Sisters

Steve Aoki's father, Rocky Aoki was a former wrestler. He also opened the restaurant chain Behinhana alongside his wife, Chizuru Kobayashi. 

Within his family, he shares close bonds with his older sister Kana, known as "Grace," and his brother Kevin, who owns the Doraku Sushi restaurant. Additionally, Steve's half-sister is the well-known model and actress, Devon Aoki

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