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Black Panther 2: Top 5 Facts About Namor!

Published Mon Aug 05 2019 By Travis
Black Panther 2: Top 5 Facts About Namor!

After Kevin Feige took the stage at San Diego Comic-con, one thing was clear; Marvel was prioritizing new characters and diversity in their superhero movies. We saw one of the most diverse casts of characters in Marvel’s history on stage at the comic con but the man who started it all was missing.

MCU’s first black superhero was missing in action from the show at SDCC but just because he was not there doesn’t mean Kevin forgot about the king of Wakanda. He mentioned in passing, Black Panther 2 is coming, but fans were on it way before than Kevin with one particular reference in Avengers: Endgame capturing everyone’s imagination.

Namor the Submariner
Namor was mentioned in Avengers: Endgame or so the fans think. (Source: Fandom)

During the meeting inside the Avengers headquarters, five years removed from the snap, 'Okoye' is seen on a hologram, and Black Widow asks her about the earthquake under the sea and how they are handling it. Okoye is visibly irritated and says they are handling it by not handling it. It could be just and earthquake, but you can see the irritation, and there is one person who doesn’t get along with Black Panther and fans were quick to point out it was a reference to 'Namor the Sub-Mariner'. The two kings never really got along well, and Okoye’s reference of not handling the thing can be a way of saying they don’t want to interfere.

Namor is the king of Atlantis, and he is the son of a ship captain and an Atlantis princess, sounds familiar? Well, Aquaman took the origin of Namor during the Silver age of comics. Namor isn’t a well-known entity when it comes to beyond comic readers so here we are listing the top five facts about Namor.

5. Namor Is A World War II Veteran

Marvel comics.

Namor doesn’t age like most people, and he is one of the strongest Avenger. After Namor was created in 1939, he mostly fought Nazi U-boat captains and rose up against the axis power. Namor the Submariner was one of the superpowered people working with the alliance. Aquaman is also similar; he also fought against the Nazis during the world war. Namor was discontinued after the world war, and his comic was canceled, but still, he fought in the Second World War.

4. Namor Fought Thanos

Namor and She-Hulk vs Thanos.

While the snap perished most of the heroes in the Infinity Saga comics, when the call went out from Doctor Strange to assemble all the heroes for the battle with Thanos, Namor was one of the first ones to arrive in the Avengers HQ. Namor and the rest of the Avengers traveled to the Death Shrine to battle with Thanos, and even though the earth heroes were defeated, they still did their part of distracting the mad titan. The movie could’ve used Namor in Infinity War after his rights were reverted back to Marvel and Disney, but they still left him out.

3. Namor Supported Captain During Civil War

Namor with his army.

When the government implemented the Superhuman Registration Act, most of the heroes were at odds against each other. Namor is the king of Atlantis, so the act wouldn’t affect his world, so there was no need for him to take part in the battle. The reason he came to the surface to take part in the battle was after his cousin 'Namorita' was killed in the blast, which resulted in the event. Tony’s team tried to get him on his side, but the pain of losing his cousin was too much for him, and he joined Captain’s team.

When the odds were stacked against Captain, Namor brought his whole army to the aid of Captain America.

2. Namor Can Regenerate

Namor in water.

Many superheroes in Marvel comics can regenerate and heal themselves after being injured. Wolverine and Deadpool are the prime examples of heroes who can regenerate, Namor is in the same category, but his regeneration is limited. Wolverine is genetically able to regenerate whereas Namor needs to be in the water for his regenerative abilities to fully kick in. He is not invulnerable like Wolverine, but the ability to heal yourself is a nifty trait to possess.

1. Namor Caused Black Panther’s Exile

Namor and Black Panther.

Namor and Black Panther’s countries are always at odds, but the two kings know villains don’t wait for heroes to settle their beef and squabbles. Namor and Black Panther were working together to protect the earth with Illuminati during the collapsing multiverse issue.

At the same time, 'Shuri' was leading Wakanda in their battle with Atlantis, and when she found out Black Panther was working with Namor, she exiled the king and became the king of the dead. This exile was also one of the reasons why Black Panther hates Namor so much.

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Namor is a powerful hero, and him being the king of Atlantis is going to confuse people a lot since Aquaman came out recently. The two sharing the same back story is going to make things interesting because DC already gave a beloved movie and it will be interesting how Marvel handles his appearance in the MCU whether it is in Black Panther 2 or in any other film.