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Doctor Strange 2: Here's Why Scarlet Witch Could Be The Cause Of MCU's Multiverse Of Madness!

Published Mon Aug 12 2019 By Travis
Doctor Strange 2: Here's Why Scarlet Witch Could Be The Cause Of MCU's Multiverse Of Madness!

Is Scarlet Witch going to be the cause for MCU's Multiverse of Madness?

Phase 4 of Marvel Cinematic Universe is one for experimentation and for Marvel to flex their muscles regarding how far they can push the boundaries of acceptability. The Eternals may sound like a new thing for the MCU, but something akin to The Eternals was already achieved by Guardians of the Galaxy. Black Widow seems like the hybrid sophomore run of Captain America, and Thor four is whatever Taika Waititi conjures up. The only real unique and experimentative movies Phase 4 is trying out is Shang Chi, but there is another movie to which none of these as well as any MCU movies even come close.

Phase 4.
The full lineup of Marvel Phase 4 unveiled at comic con. (Source: The DisInsider)

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness can potential be the most experimental as well as one of the game-changing movies in the MCU stable. The title itself in an interesting direction Marvel is headed on; Multiverse is something which was referred to in previous Marvel movies in only cursory terms. We got our first trippy look at other dimensions when Ant-Man rolled into town, but then Doctor Strange showed us one of the trippiest visuals in the history after 'Ancient One' pushed Doctor Strange through multiple dimensions before she decided to become his teacher. It seems Marvel is leaning more into multiple dimensions even though Mysterio made fun of the fact people fell for the multi-dimension crap in Spider-Man: Far from Home.

Marvel is heading into a whole new direction with the sophomore outing of Doctor Strange, and he won’t be alone for the ride. At the comic con before the head honcho of Marvel studios, Kevin Feige, announced the future of the MCU, he introduced Scarlet Witch who was said to be joining the Doctor in his quest. This new revelation opened whole new possibilities for the Doctor Strange sequel.

Watch: The announcement of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness at the comic-con

Scarlet Witch is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel comics’ history. The reason she is so powerful is because Scarlet’s power is wild and unharnessed. She uses magic similar to the Doctor, but her power is not channeled and controlled like Doctor Strange. Even Kevin Feige said Scarlet is not as disciplined as the other students of the magic because she is not a trained user of the magic. He said;

Her powers, she's never had any training, I'm talking about Scarlet Witch. She never had any training; she's figuring it out. Arguably, you could say that that's why her powers are much more chaotic and much more loose in the way that we showcased those light effects. In [Doctor Strange], some of what you might see today, even the cover of Entertainment Weekly, it's much tighter. It's all about focus. It's all about pulling energies from other dimensions in an organized and purposeful fashion, which is why they can do a lot more than she can in, at least, a much more precise way.

The reason we are talking about her power is, in the comics she is so powerful the Witch can create whole new realities. We learn from the comics, Scarlet taps into 'Chaos Magic'; the power was granted to her from an Elder God 'Chthon' who wants to rule Earth. We saw the power and the reaches she can go with her power in 2005 event story of House of M. Scarlet was able to create a whole new reality where she granted every one whatever their hearts desired. This event leads into the Scarlet Witch having kids with 'Vision', which is impossible considering Vision is an android.

Vision and Wanda with their kids.
Vision and Wanda were parents of two kids which turned out to be fake. (Source: Corrina Lawson)

In the story, it is apparent she created a whole new world for herself so she can be happy. The movies, on the other hand, are seemingly following the same path, we know Scarlet is the one person who lost the most in the past movies. She lost her brother in Age of Ultron and after which she let out a huge energy burst, she was a low powered being at the point in the movie, and still, you could see the raw potential of her power. Then her emotions were again apparent in Endgame where Scarlet arrived to battle Thanos, one of the most powerful beings and she almost shredded him to pieces all because she was fueled by her emotions.

In the comics we’ve seen what happens when Scarlet Witch gets emotional, she loses touch with reality and it is in this particular moment she decides to approach the Doctor. Her new realities were always unstable, and maybe it is why she is going to be the cause of the Multiverse of Madness.

Watch: Scarlet Witch fights Thanos

We’ve deduced the villain of the movie is going to be Nightmare, but it seems Scarlet may make a villainous turn in the film. WandaVision is coming right before Doctor Strange 2, and we’ve got confirmation the series is going to lead into the movie which only means the series will be of consequence to the film. Maybe in the series, Wanda gradually starts to lose her grip with reality after all the trauma she faced, and the Doctor will go on a quest to save her from herself.

A grieving Scarlet could be the reason for the creation of multiple realities which thrusts the world into chaos, and Doctor Strange needs to fight her to bring order. It all feels like the movie is laying the groundworks for a Scarlet Witch villain which is not something we are looking forward to, but it is going to be interesting to see.