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Dove Cameron's Unwavering Supporter: A Closer Look at Philip Alan Hosterman

Published Tue Sep 26 2023 By Bsgurung
Dove Cameron's Unwavering Supporter: A Closer Look at Philip Alan Hosterman

Death cannot erase the profound impact certain individuals have had on our lives and souls. Such is the case with Philip Alan Hosterman, who may no longer be with us in the physical sense, but his presence will forever endure within the hearts of his beloved family members.

Born on the 22nd of July in 1944 in Seattle, King County, WA, Philip Alan Hosterman was the cherished son of Philippe Taylor Hosterman and Florence Alma Hosterman. Throughout his life, Hosterman found happiness in the company of his loving wife, Bonnie Wallace, and their two cherished daughters.

Philip Alan Hosterman Was Married to Wife, Bonnie Wallace

Philip Alan Hosterman shared a joyful and private marital bond with his wife, Bonnie Wallace. The celebrity couple embarked on their journey together after a brief period of dating, choosing to begin a new chapter in their lives.

In 1988, Philip and Bonnie exchanged their wedding vows in a ceremony held in Peshawar, Pakistan. The exact date of their marriage and the circumstances of their first meeting remain undisclosed to the public. This union occurred before their rise to public prominence, and as a result, many details of their married life have remained a well-kept secret.

Philip Alan Hosterman spouse
Philip Alan Hosterman with his wife, Bonnie Wallace during their young years. 
Source: Instagram

Notably, Bonnie Wallace is a celebrated author, known for her work on the "Hollywood Parents Guide," and she is also the founder and producer of the popular podcast "Hometown to Hollywood." Additionally, she maintains a blog for parents of young actors at Despite the private nature of Philip and Bonnie's marriage, they shared many years of happiness.

However, Philip's marriage did not ultimately culminate in a happy ending. After a decade of being together, the former couple chose to part ways. The exact timing of their divorce has not been disclosed publicly, leaving the details of their separation a private matter. Dove Cameron, their daughter, experienced their divorce during her early teenage years.

How Many Kids Does Philip Alan Hosterman Have? 

Just a few years into their marriage, Philip and Bonnie were blessed with the sweet addition of their first daughter. In 1989, they joyously welcomed Claire Hosterman into their lives, a beautiful moment that was like the icing on the cake of their union.

Seven years later, in January 1996, their second daughter, Chloe Celeste Hosterman, made her entrance into the world, now known and celebrated as Dove Cameron. As time passed, the Hosterman siblings grew up and embarked on successful professional journeys. 

Bonnie and Philip's elder child, Claire, has carved her path in Los Angeles as a singing coach. She extends her expertise to students worldwide through online lessons, and she also manages the Claire Hosterman Vocal Studio, where she imparts her knowledge and passion for singing to aspiring vocalists.

Daughter, Dove Cameron is a Successful Actress

Dove Cameron is a multifaceted American actress and singer who has captivated audiences with her talent and charisma. Born on January 15, 1996, she rose to fame for her remarkable performances in both television and music. 

Philip Alan Hosterman daughter
Philip Alan Hosterman's daughter, Dove Cameron is a singer and actress. 
Source: Blox Images

Dove first gained widespread recognition for her dual role as the lovable Liv Rooney and her tomboyish twin Maddie Rooney in Disney Channel's hit series "Liv and Maddie." 

Her versatility extends to the music industry, where she has showcased her vocal prowess with successful music projects. 

Philip Alan Hosterman Cause of Death

Philip Alan Hosterman's passing occurred on October 18, 2011, when he was 67 years old, on Bainbridge Island in Kitsap County. The exact cause of his death remains undisclosed, respecting his privacy.

Throughout his life, Hosterman embraced a musical journey. During his formative years, he engaged in piano and saxophone performances during high school. Later in life, he shared his musical talents by accompanying his two daughters as they embarked on their singing careers.

In addition to his musical pursuits, Hosterman had a diverse background. He was previously a member of the Peace Corps, reflecting his commitment to service. Subsequently, he established the Kandahar Trading Company, which evolved into an enterprise specializing in ethnic fashion accessories.

Daughter, Dove Cameron Relationships

Dove Cameron has been open and candid about her sexuality. Initially identifying as bisexual, she later expressed in May 2021 that she felt the term "queer" more accurately represented her sexual orientation. She also proudly identifies as a feminist, aligning herself with the advocacy for gender equality.

In her personal life, Dove had a notable relationship with her "Liv and Maddie" co-star Ryan McCartan, which began in August 2013 and lasted until 2016. The couple announced their engagement on April 14, 2016, but unfortunately, their relationship came to an end in October of the same year.

From 2017 to 2020, Dove Cameron was in a relationship with her "Descendants 2" co-star, Thomas Doherty. In May 2022, Dove Cameron bravely shared her experiences with depression and dysphoria through an Instagram post, shedding light on her struggles with mental health.

Net Worth of Philip Alan Hosterman

The net worth of Philip Alan Hosterman is estimated, to be around $1 million. His primary income source was his career as a vocalist, although he never disclosed his earnings to the public. Singers typically start with salaries around $360,000, with opportunities for higher pay based on talent, location, and experience.

Dove Cameron father
Philip Alan Hosterman with his daughter, Dove Cameron. 
Source: Instagram

Bonnie Wallace, Alan's wife, earns a decent living, with her Kindle Edition book "How They Keep Going: Stories & Advice from Your Favorite Performers" priced at $9.95.

In contrast, their 27-year-old daughter, Dove Cameron, has a net worth of $4 million, amassed through her successful acting and singing career. Her notable works include TV shows like "Bits and Pieces," "Cloud 9," "Barely Lethal," and the "Descendants" franchise. Additionally, Andrea Lindenberg, another family member, has a net worth of $800,000.

Philip Alan Age and Wiki

Philip Hosterman, a prominent figure, entered the world on July 22, 1944, in Seattle, King County, Washington, as an American citizen with a Christian upbringing. 

His birth sign was Cancer. His family included his father, Philippe Taylor Hosterman, and his mother, Florence Alma Hosterman. 

Philip was not an only child; he had two siblings: a younger sister named Mary Lyn Kappert and an elder brother named Michael Hosterman. Growing up, he shared his formative years with his brothers in the city of Seattle.

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