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home Lifestyle Farrah Abraham Threatened To Murder A Reporter With A Credible Claim That Farrah Is Working As A Prostitute

Farrah Abraham Threatened To Murder A Reporter With A Credible Claim That Farrah Is Working As A Prostitute

Published Wed Jul 17 2019 By David
Farrah Abraham Threatened To Murder A Reporter With A Credible Claim That Farrah Is Working As A Prostitute

Farrah Abraham seemingly threatens to kill a reporter who called her a ‘Prostitute.’

Ex - Teen Mom OG star, Farrah Abraham warned to kill a reporter for calling her a sex worker and blaming that she left her daughter into oblivion while she was busy on the job. The disturbing message showed up on her Instagram story yesterday.

A week ago, Farrah Abraham’s ex-boyfriend Simon Saran aired a screenshot on Twitter with the user’s name prohibited out. In the snapshot, the individual asserted police were summoned to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Beverly Hills to seek out the whereabouts of a child who was condoned by their parent. As for the reason, the user said Abraham had been busy at the hotel as a prostitute during the very moment.

Former Teen Mom OG star, Farrah Abraham threatens to kill the journalist who alleged her of being a hooker. (Source: Pop Culture)

According to the accuser, Farrah Abraham overlooked her daughter in a hotel room chartered by the man that had called her. While Abraham gave her service to the man, the source claimed her 10-year-old daughter Sophia was left in the hotel room by herself.

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After Simon Saran had leaked the allegations, Farrah Abraham chimed on Instagram Live to refute she worked as an escort. She set up a live video by the pool at the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills. While Abraham talked about the averment that she worked as a call girl, her 10-year-old daughter bathed in the pool.

Source: Simon messages.

Despite her contradictions, the hearsays were nowhere near stopping on Twitter. Former castmate Jenelle Evans who herself is being wrangled with her own problems tweeted citing how she was aware of Farrah's profession of selling her body to men.

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Additionally, Eason said she knew the employers that hired Farrah to work as an escort. Eason claimed the statements in feedbacks to tweets made by TMZ. The outlet forwarded the response on their website after Jenelle Eason took it off from Twitter.

Source: Twitter

With proclamations of illegal sex work and child negligence being extensive around the media, Abraham hounded out on Instagram. In a message enclosed in her Instagram Story, she labeled the journalist a hater and liar. She, likewise, went after him for condemning her parenting standards. Farrah denied she sold her flesh and promised to sue the guy for defamation.

At the end of the text, Abraham had even inscribed chilling intimidation to the reporter, “@knewchu your (sic) dead if I ever see you.”

Farrah Abraham threatens to murder the reporter who accused her of being a prostitute. (Source: Instagram)

WOACB exhibited a scan of Twitter and Instagram, and the user differentiated his name to Charles J. Smith on Instagram. The photo on her message depicts a username of “Knew Chu” with an image and name “Truth Seeker” hidden below. The picture seems to be of a writer donning a media badge.

The account has been distributing a lot of information related to Farrah in the last few weeks. Their status as a journalist or writer, however, is not explicit.

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After cautioning the journalist, Farrah affixed a text conversation with her mother, Debra. A few weeks ago, rumors revolved that Debra knew her daughter worked as a hooker. When a Twitter user questioned Debra about Farrah’s purported fille de joie, Debra said she was not embarrassed by her daughter. Many people perceived the statement by Debra substantiated that Farrah used to work as a high-priced wench.

Text exchanges between Farrah Abraham and her mother. (Source: Messenger)

Abraham, a while after, got rid of the text exchange with her mother, but the utterance to the paparazzo remains on her Instagram. Rumors in relation to the prostitution have afflicted Farrah Abraham for years. Her former mate Phoebe Price told the media last year that Farrah did work as an escort. Additionally, former castmate Amber Portwood has also accused Abraham of being a whore in the past.

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Without any official confirmation, the outlet by the writer does not seem to hold credence. The rumor, however, appears to have gotten under Abraham’s nerve this time. She, in general, has overlooked the claims related to sex as her business. Perhaps the fact that the individual mocked up her parenting measures is what sent her over the edge.

Whatever the truth, for now, Abraham maintains she is not an escort.