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Here's Why Keanu Reeves Will Propel 'Matrix 4' To New Heights!

Published Mon Aug 26 2019 By Travis
Here's Why Keanu Reeves Will Propel 'Matrix 4' To New Heights!

Keanu is all set to launch The Matrix series to new heights.

There were two things in the world we loved growing up, The Matrix and The Lord of the Rings; there was nothing better in the world than those two movies. The sad thing was the later just kept getting better with the third movie becoming the best of the franchise whereas the former just kept sliding with the third movie in the franchise we would love to erase from our brain.

It was unfair for the movie to go out in the fashion it did, for something so innovative and game-changing to silently go off into the night was not something we as fans wanted. So, it was a welcome surprise when it was announced Keanu Reeves, and Carrie-Anne Moss was said to be returning for a fourth Matrix movie. Imagine our surprise and shock, hearing The Matrix is coming back after almost 20 years.

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We heard rumblings of a fourth Matrix movie back in 2018, but it was just, rumors spreading around with no real teeth to the news. But it seems Warner Bros. was looking to bring a sequel to the movie, but due to some licensing issues, the film was delayed.

We all by now know about 2019 is the year of Keanu and people are going crazy over everything he does. It seems the love and affection Keanu was receiving lit a fire under the collective asses of the people at the top of WB, and we now are getting the fourth Matrix movie.

The Matrix, Neo stops bullets.
Waner Bros. announced Teh Matrix 4 is happening.

Source: No Film School

The type of resurgence of Keanu we are all witness to is something unlike any before. The actor was thought to be beyond his prime when '47 Ronin' flopped big at the box office, but after over 35 years in the movie industry, Keanu is enjoying the type of success most people can only dream of in their prime. The 'Johnny Utah' actor enjoyed his highest-grossing movie in 2019 with $1.018 billion grossing Toy Story 4.

People thought he was far removed from his prime, but only this year he got John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum to 0ver $300 million and made over $1.3 billion at the box office. The man helped John Wick franchise set a milestone of $580 million, and now he just finished shooting Bill & Ted with The Matrix set to go on floor next year.

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This is the time of Keanu, and everyone knows it, which is why Marvel’s head Kevin Feige said they are talking to Keanu for every movie they are currently producing. He was also supposed to play the villain in the Hobbs & Shaw movie, but the role never materialized.

This is the perfect time to make a Matrix movie, the star is at the top of his game, and there is added nostalgia for a film which everyone agrees was a disappointment by the time it ended. The market is not what it used to be; the movies are trending more towards franchise-building work than just a simple one-off. People are more attracted to nostalgia than they are to original films; nowadays, Aladdin is more attractive to people than say 'Late Night'.

Keanu and Carrie-Anne in The Matrix.
Keanu and Carrie-Anne Moss are reprising their role of Neo and Trinity

Source: IndieWire

The whole movie landscape is changing, either you are a low budget flick which is going to make money no matter what or you are big budgeted summer movie which will make money on nostalgia and IP. Gone are the days of mid-budget movies which worked as counter-programming to the huge studio movies. People are going to theatres less and less, and when they do go to the theatre, it is for a film people know to be good and is part of an IP they lover.

Matrix was the biggest IP back in the day, and as years went along, the most older generation are okay forgetting the last two Matrix movies and newer generation all together left the last two and just watched the first one. The Matrix is now primed for a huge showing at the box office, and we still are not factoring in how the international market is shaped now than it was 20 years ago.

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Studios are more inclined to market their moves outside of the US and hosting premiers in foreign countries first then coming back to the US. The international market is something which will play a massive role in the next Matrix movie. One thing we know right now is people in foreign market love Keanu. Almost $700 million of Keanu’s films in 2019 came from the international market.

The foreign market already embraced The Matrix, and now with the added fame of Keanu and the madness and fandom surrounding the actor, there couldn’t be another better moment to release The Matrix 4. We can see the movie grossing $1 billion and join the ever-growing club of billion dollar grossing movies which currently stands at 43. All these years we’ve waited for the sequel to 'Matrix Revolution', it is finally happening, and we can’t believe it.