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Is Amber Portwood Working On Becoming A Less Terrible Person?

Published Tue Jul 30 2019 By Jasmine
Is Amber Portwood Working On Becoming A Less Terrible Person?

Is Amber Portwood trying to be less terrible?

Amber Portwood's life is drowning in drama. Is that a surprise? I guess not! After all, she chased her boyfriend with a giant sword while he held her child, attacked him with shoes and threatened him that she would kill herself by over dosing with a bottle of pills.

Amber's boyfriend Andrew Glennon was visibly petrified from her behaviour and called the cops on her. Now, the mother of the one-year-old child only gets to meet her son under a properly supervised visit. However, after all these horrible deeds and a massive media backlash, is Amber Portwood finally trying to fix her messed up life?

Many former fans have jumped into a conclusion that Amber's rage or her mental disorder might not be the prime issue of her story; instead she might just be a hopelessly terrible and pathetic person. After all, this is not the first time the reality show star indulged herself in an act of domestic abuse. She owns a clear history of abuse against here previous partners and even a record of serving prison for owning drugs. Under all this list of terrible deeds, it is clearly difficult to believe that she can ever be a good person leading a normal life.

Amber on the other hand, might be trying to or at least show that she is reflecting on what she did and is working on her personal improvement. This weekend, she tried showing show that she'd been easing back into things. First, by posting a photo of some good old Indiana corn fields. Later, She posted a video of some corn up close, and captioned it "Relaxation in the beautiful country."

Similarly, on Saturday, she posted a selfie of herself. It iwas her first selfie since the machete-incident. Although the image is very dark, we can only assume that she's once again out in the fields. She captioned the image 

Nighttime meditation and relaxation with music and nature

Similarly, the reality show star posted a video of her dog calling it a wonderful soul. She captioned the video :

Every morning this beautiful soul is right by my side to make me feel comfortable when I'm a bit down..remember who I am not what you hear. Still sending all my love and prayers to everyone in need and I won't stop helping even when I'm going through pain🙏

Despite Amber's efforts, many followers think Amber is simply trying to get her fans to think she might be reflecting on her actions and is not truly doing so. To be fair, they have a point. A person cannot try to kill their partner one day and hope to change by simply spending time on corn fields the other day!