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The Former Adult Star, Jenna Jameson is Married For Third Time! Details on Jenna's Relationship

Published Tue Jun 13 2023 By Bsgurung
The Former Adult Star, Jenna Jameson is Married For Third Time! Details on Jenna's Relationship

Jenna Jameson, born Jenna Marie Massoli on April 9, 1974, is an American entrepreneur and former adult film actress. Considered one of the most iconic figures in the adult entertainment industry, she achieved great success and recognition during her career, which spanned from the 1990s to the early 2000s. 

With her blonde hair, curvaceous figure, and charismatic personality, Jameson became a household name and gained a massive following. Beyond her work in adult films, she ventured into various business endeavors, including launching her own production company, writing books, and even appearing on reality television shows. Despite her controversial profession, Jenna Jameson's impact on the industry and her entrepreneurial achievements cannot be denied.

Jenna Jameson is Married!

On 23rd May, 2023, The former adult film star, Jenna Jameson tied the wedding knot for the third time. She accepted her long time girlfriend, Jessi Lawless as life partner. Reflecting on her past relationships, Jameson admits that her motivation for dating or marrying men was primarily driven by her desire to have children. 

The couple exchanged vows at the Little Church of the West, a place that holds sentimental value for Jameson as it is where her parents got married. While they plan to have a larger celebration in the future, they opted for a spontaneous and Las Vegas-style wedding this time. 

Jenna Jameson is married to Jessi
Image: Jenna Jameson with her partner, Jessi Lawless during their wedding ceremony. Source: Instagram

Jameson, who intends to take her wife's last name legally, walked down the aisle in a short white dress with a long veil, pink platforms, and pink-dyed hair, accompanied by her father. Jessi Lawless, dressed in a black suit, explained that they had a Johnny Cash look-alike officiate the ceremony instead of an Elvis Presley impersonator. 

Following the wedding, the newlyweds enjoyed a tour of Vegas in a rented neon green Lamborghini. Despite their differences, Jameson, who affectionately refers to herself as "Jessi's Girl" on Instagram, believes that they complement each other well and make a strong team.

Starting Romance and Engagement

The couple's initial connection occurred last year when Jenna Jameson came across Jessi Lawless, a social media personality, on TikTok and began engaging with her posts through comments. Lawless confesses that it took her a moment to realize the identity of the person behind the username "Jenna Can't Lose." 

She vividly remembers her reaction upon discovering that it was, in fact, Jenna Jameson. "I was like, 'Who is this Jenna Can't Lose?'" Lawless recalls, "It's Jenna fu**ing Jameson. Oh my God." The unexpected encounter on social media marked the beginning of their journey together. 

Jenna Jameson married to Social media personality, Jessi
Image: Jenna Jameson with her girlfriend, Jessi Lawless spending quality time together. Source: Instagram

\After their engagement in April, the couple opted not to wait and decided to proceed with their wedding plans promptly. Jessi Lawless shares the details of the proposal, stating, "I proposed to Jenna two months ago in the privacy of our own bedroom. 

We were lying in bed, having a conversation when I took out the ring that I had been keeping for a while. I walked over to her side of the bed, got down on one knee, and expressed to her that she was the most incredible woman I had ever met. I couldn't think of anything better than for her to be my wife."

Who is Jenna Jameson's Life Partner, Jessi Lawless? 

Jessi Lawless, a social media personality, gained recognition for her presence on platforms like TikTok. With her captivating perspective and relatable content, Lawless garnered a sizable following and became a prominent figure on the platform. 

Jenna Jameson girlfriend, Jessi Lawless
Image: Jenna Jameson's girlfriend, Jessi Lawless enjoying her drink. Source: Instagram

Known for her engaging and often humorous videos, she attracted attention from diverse audiences. Lawless rose to further prominence when she entered into a relationship with actress and former adult film star Jameson. 

Their love story unfolded publicly, capturing the attention of fans and media alike. With her engaging personality and online presence, Jessi continues to make waves in the world of social media.

Relationship Highlights and Two Kids

Since retiring from the porn industry, Jenna Jameson has made headlines for her business ventures and writing career. She has been candid about her limited emotional attachments and how a negative past relationship influenced her entry into the adult film industry. 

Jesse Jameson is mother of two
Image: The former Adult star, Jesse Jameson with her twin kids. Source: Instagram

Jameson has had high-profile romances with Marilyn Manson and Tommy Lee, ending the former due to his unsettling behavior and the latter due to excessive affection. 

Proudly identifying as bisexual, she had an on-and-off relationship with Nikki Tyler and later embarked on a tumultuous journey with UFC icon Tito Ortiz, resulting in twin sons, Journey and Jesse. After their split, Ortiz gained full custody of the children. Jameson's most recent known relationship was with Lior Bitton starting in 2015.

Past Marriages and Divorces

Earlier this year, Jenna Jameson confirmed the end of her long-term engagement with Lior Bitton. The announcement came nearly a year after Bitton shared details about Jenna's serious health condition, which was initially believed to be Guillain–Barré syndrome but turned out to be a misdiagnosis.

Jenna Jameson ex-spouse, Jay
Image: Jenna Jameson with her ex-husband, Jay Grdina. Source: Daily Mail

This broken engagement is not the first romantic setback for Jameson, who converted to Judaism for her relationship with Bitton. She has been married twice before. Her first husband was Canadian porn star and director Brad Armstrong. They met while Jameson was under contract with Wicked Pictures and married in 1996. 

The marriage quickly ended after ten weeks, but their divorce was not finalized until March 2001. Jameson's second marriage was with former porn star Jay Grdina, also known as Justin Sterling. They got engaged in December 2000 and married in June 2003. They even started their own internet porn company called ClubJenna. 

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