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Nathan Griffith's Sister Claims Jenelle Evans Is A Great Mom!

Published Sat Jul 13 2019 By David
Nathan Griffith's Sister Claims Jenelle Evans Is A Great Mom!

Nathan Griffith's sister, Heather Griffith says Jenelle Evans is a GREAT Mom.

The news that Jenelle Evans and David Eason had recovered the custody of their children blew 'Teen Mom 2' fans like a devastating hit to the sanctuary.

As a matter of fact, it would be increasingly precise to state Jenelle and David restored guardianship of a large portion of their children, thinking of her as child Jace and his child Kaden will keep on living with more pacifist relatives.

Jenelle Evans recovered the custody of her children. (Source: The Hollywood gossip)

It would likewise be more accurate to state ex Teen Mom 2 fans were dazed by the news, as many pledged to never again support the series that made this appalling situation conceivable, despite the fact that Jenelle was terminated from the show a while prior.

According to one person who's very well-acquainted with Jenelle and her parenting standards, the situation went in the best way possible, and the Eason children are back where they belong.

Heather Griffith is the sister of Jenelle's ex and second babydaddy, Nathan Griffith, who was as shocked as everyone else when his tyke Kaiser came back to The Land on the order issued by a judge who had apparently been analyzing LSD.

Heather says she only really got to know Jenelle once she was separated from the kids, and she claims the mother of her nephew has been panned unnecessarily by the media. She asserted Jenelle is in fact a devoted parent who absolutely deserves custody of her kids.

Heather told Hollywood Life, “I think a lot of things have been exaggerated and blown out of proportion. I don’t see Jenelle as an unfit parent or someone that doesn’t love her kids.” The former sister-in-law of Evans said she has watched the reality star go through this process in which she was trying to remain so positive yet was so sad.

Nathan Griffith sister, Heather Griffith says Jenelle Evans is a good mother. (Source: Hollywood Life)

Heather added all the coverage of Jenelle's detainments, allegations of negligence, and recurring substance abuse episodes are nothing more than a sham subject. She described how close she had become to Evans during those hard time and that she doesn’t see her as such a horrible, vindictive person which she’s constantly being played out to be.

Heather thinks Evans is just constantly under attack and doesn’t think she’s unfit as a parent.

Nathan, of course, strongly contends, and will keep on fighting for custody of Kaiser in hearings that are set to commence next month.

Earlier this week Nathan told he was more of a fit parent than Evan assuming her current situation, adding his belief that Kaiser isn’t receiving proper “love and affection.”

Heather is supporting Nathan in his fight for custody, but somehow, she's also 100 percent #TeamJenelle these days. She reports of her conversations and interactions with Jenelle which according to her had started ever since the kids were taken away.

Griffith said they often used to check in with each other to make sure things were going well throughout the whole process.

Heather also emphasized the dilemma -- where, on one side she is ought to support her brother, Nathan and the other is the fact that she can never be in Jenelle’s corner. She, though, promised of Evans having much potential.

Nathan’s sister said Jenelle is just doing what she has to get her family back and full.  

Heather also assures the fans that Jenelle has never spoken badly about her brother, Nathan. Though, people won’t be promptly agreeing with this one.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason had lost the custody of their kids on last May. (Source: Celebrity Insider)

Jenelle Evans and Heather Griffith grabbed lunch together during a custody hearing and were also reported of sending each other funny memes in between.

Evans and her notorious husband grabbed headlines when the latter had ruthlessly killed their family dog and had explained the murder via social media. Animal rights as well as the fans fully criticized the action labeling it inhumane and as for the Teen Mom fans, they heavily supported in Evans' kids to be taken away from David which had eventually happened until recent court decisions. Worse, Jenelle was also fired from Teen Mom universe for the very fiasco. 

Over the last two months, Evans and her husband have been constantly feuding with CPS as well as the jury who are governing their action. People wondered if Evans was going to leave Eason for good- who in all of the situation showed zero remorse for pooch killing, yet Evans remained close by him throughout the whole process.