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Who Is Marie Fredriksson's Husband? Grab All The Details Of Her Married Life And Dating History!

Published Tue Aug 06 2019 By Kenshinpark
Who Is Marie Fredriksson's Husband? Grab All The Details Of Her Married Life And Dating History!

We think we don't need to stress too much on the fact how amazing Gun-Marie Fredriksson is as an artist, the sound of her voice has captivated many souls, and she still amazes her with a soulful voice.

But what do you know about the relationships Marie had in the past or if she is single right now or married? Well, to answer those questions, we gathered some information about the singer, and we hope this is what you all have been waiting for a while.

Marie Fredriksson, Is She Married?

Marie Fredriksson, the former lead vocalist of the band Roxette, is married. She tied the knot in May 1994 with Mikael Bolyos. It is believed the couple married in a private arrangement, and only a few knew about the fact.

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It was only later when the couple opened up about their marriage, to which the whole world took it as a surprise as different speculations about Marie's relationship were floating around for quite some.

Who is Marie Fredriksson's Husband, Mikael Bolyos?

Mikael Bolyos with his wife Marie Fredriksson (Source: Afton Bladet)

It won't be wrong to say, like minds attract; Marie Fredriksson's husband, Mikael Bolyos is singer and songwriter who started his career in the typical Swedish dance-band 'Rospiggarna' together with the lead singer Roger Pontare.

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The band recorded two singles, while Mikael kept on recording and touring with other artists as well. By the time Mikael met his wife, he already had his own recording studio in Stockholm.

Marie and Mikael are thought to have met while touring for a concert as Bolyos was collaborating with different artists, he met his love of life. Since then, the couple is working together, writing, producing, and recording music. 

Marie Fredriksson and Mikael Bolyos Rapport

The couple in the Swedish Royal Wedding (Source: Telegraph)

There's no doubt the couple support for each other is beyond any words. We know right when they met, the couple found an instant connection. We guess, we don't need to emphasize the fact the couple loves working together as a team, while understanding and respecting one another's differences. 

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The love they have for each other was more evident when Marie was stricken with a life-threatening disease. Marie, in 2002, was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. The tumor was surgically removed, but the pain the Marie went through because of the chemotherapy and radiation treatment, left her devasted. 

The singer was almost blind in one eye, her movement was restricted and all forlorn, but Mikael never left Marie's side. Marie Fredriksson in her new autobiography "Love of Life" candidly speaks about her illness and her new life.

 The 245-page-long book was written by Helena Von Zweigbergk, in which she writes Marie's Husband explains how her husband Mikael Bolyos supported through her illness. 

Marie Fredriksson's past relationship

Marie Fredriksson was devoted to her career, and she started her career as early as when she was in school, Marie never really bothered herself to fuss about relationships. However, there were a few rumors about the singer's relationship. 

Marie was once romantically linked with her previous band member  Martin Sternhufvud who was on electric guitar and vocals for the group Strulpojkarna. According to reports, Marie ended her relationship with Martin in the spring of 1983. 

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After a few years, Marie went to join Per Gessle to form Roxette, following which the fans speculated they have a thing for each other. But, both denied the fact they have something between them.

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