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Game Of Thrones: Grey Worm's Destination In The Finale Is Pretty Touching!

Published Mon May 20 2019 By David
Game Of Thrones: Grey Worm's Destination In The Finale Is Pretty Touching!

Grey Worm's destination in the Game of Thrones finale actually has a lot to say. 

Up until the recent seasons, Game of Thrones wasn’t kind to any of its characters and it certainly wasn’t kind to "Grey Worm" (Jacob Anderson). The guy's been given the loss of his love "Missandei" and of his queen Daenerys. But, his ending on the finale might be better than most. 

Grey Worm is going to Naath on Game of Thrones which is quite a sweet way for him to keep his love for Missandei alive. It'll also be a much better place for him than Westeros after being at war for so long and seeing so many terrible things happen.

A Song of Ice and Fire (the primal source of the series) explains Naath as the Isle of Butterflies, an island with incredibly peaceful people. They usually spend their time making music and eating fruit; they're all vegetarian. Because of their dove nature, they are often captured as slaves. And Grey Worm seems to put an end to it by taking his army there. It might actually be his way of keeping of a promise he made to Missandei at the beginning of the season.

Grey Worm may fulfill his promise he previously made to his love Missandei in the earlier episode of Game of Thrones season 8. 
SOURCE: Daily Express

In episode 2, Grey Worm asked what Missandei would do when the war was over and "Daenerys" (Emilia Clarke, who is set to play Poet Elizabeth Barrett in Let Me Count the Ways) had won. "When Daenerys takes her throne there will be no place for us here," the commander of the unsullied says. "I am loyal to my queen. I will fight for her until her enemies are defeated, but when the war is over and she has won, do you want to grow old in this place? Is there nothing else you want to do, nothing else you want to see?"

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Missandei tells him she would like to return to her home, Naath. "I'd like to see the beaches again," she says. In the episode, she warns her people were peaceful and could not protect themselves. Grey Worm then vows to bring the Unsullied with him to liberate and protect all the citizens of Naath.

And now that the series has ended, that seems to be exactly what Grey Worm is doing. He may not be getting his “and they lived happily ever after” moment with Missandei since "Cersei" (Lena Headey, who had mixed feelings about Cercei's Season 8 Storyline) executed her, but he may as well keep alive Missandei's hope that her people will be free at last. He may be better off living where his love grew up and be surrounded by her people. He sure seems to honor her memory by ensuring that no slavers can captivate any more of her family and friends.

If Daenerys had lived, Grey Worm would have let go of the promise he made to Missandei (at least for a while). Before her death, Dany elected Grey Worm the Commander of her army, and she said they would not stop fighting until everyone in the world was free from the tyrants. Grey Worm would have been fighting battle after battle eventually dying in one.

He never thought of losing Dany or Missandei, but at least now Grey Worm gets a chance to live a happy war-free life in Missandei's beautiful home. He, at least, is free to honor the woman he loved by watching over her island and its people.

It might not be the end he was looking for — but it's just about as good an ending you can get on this show (considering all the recent ups and down). Grey Worm and all of the Unsullied have fought relentlessly and they sure have earned the chance to enjoy the rest of their lives and it couldn’t be better than Naath to do that.