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Is There Any Truth To Keanu Reeves & Angelina Jolie Relationship Rumors?

Published Sun Sep 01 2019 By Travis
Is There Any Truth To Keanu Reeves & Angelina Jolie Relationship Rumors?

For two years there's been rumors of Keanu Reeves and Angelina Jolie dating, get the definitive truth here!

In the Hollywood tabloid musical chair of coupling two bachelors together for the sake of selling copies of a magazine, for almost two years the tabloids are trying to set up two of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood right now, Angelina Jolie and Keanu Reeves are the two actors whom the tabloids set their eyes on and were desperately trying to connect the dots to put the two bachelors together.

Ever since Angelina split from Brad Pitt, everyone wants to know who she will be dating next and connecting some flimsy dots and uncorroborated source reporting the tabloids came to the conclusion the two Hollywood behemoths were dating.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt split and ever since then people want to know who she is dating next.

Source: Today Entertainment News

To answer the obvious question, no, the two are not dating with both the actors’ representative stating all the reporting pertaining to their relationship was fake, and there was no truth to it whatsoever. Let’s go through some false rumors and non-stories to see where all of these rumors started and how much truth there is to the rumors.

First Claim Of Dating

Angelina and Keanu

The first reporting of an alleged dating between the couple was started by NW, who said the two were “quietly dating” since July of 2017. The rumor was started on October 2018, and the two were said to be dating for almost two years by the time.

After Angelina’s break up with Brad, she moved to the area where Keanu’s mom used to live, and Keanu’s visit to his mother’s home was a huge event for the paparazzi who took pictures of the actor. The publication alleged the two met through Keanu’s mother and struck a relationship pretty soon. They even got a source to say the alleged couple took a “top-secret trip to a secluded Greek island together.”

Angelina and Keanu
Keanu and Angelina visiting a Greek Island together was debunked.

Source: Best of Greece

The source also claimed Keanu’s mother wanted the two to be a couple desperately, but the whole thing was debunked by Jolie’s representative who claimed Angelina was focused on her family of six children among which one just left home to go to college. It was the death of the alleged dating between the Keanu and Jolie.

Second Claim of Dating

The cover of star magazine falsely claims Angelina asked out Keanu.

After almost a year in mid-2019, Star published a cover story where they claimed Angelina and Keanu were dating, and Angelina asked Keanu out on a date. “She hasn’t been this excited about a man since she first met Brad [Pitt],” a source talking to Star told the publication. Angelina was in a relationship for so long with Brad, and after the end of the said relationship, she was alleged to be on the lookout for a new man by the publication.

The source even said Keanu was the reason for “butterflies” in her stomach and also said Keanu was “just her type – edgy and a bit of a rogue.” They were also said to be involved in an intimate dinner by the source and claimed the dinner took place in Jolie’s house.

Angelina and Keanu
The rumor of Angelina asking out Keanu was totally fabricated by the Star magazine.

Source: Daily Bayonet

“Your story is completely false and has no basis in any truth. This event never occurred. Once again, you are manufacturing and inventing lies to increase your sales for purely financial gain,” Keanu’s representative said after the publication of the non-story. Jolie’s representative also again reiterated Jolie was focused on her family and her career more than dating.

Third Claim Of Dating

Angelina with her family.

Following the publication of the false story on Star, another publication Woman’s Day alleged the couple was in a relationship. In the story, the writer claimed Jolie wanted the John Wick actor to join her in the new The Eternals movie so they can date while working together. During the early part of The Eternals movie, there were talks of Keanu joining the cast of an MCU film with The Eternals touted to be the obvious contender for the actor’s involvement in the sprawling universe created by Disney and Marvel.

In the story, the writer claimed Jolie was actively trying to get Keanu hired to the movie so they can form some sort of relationship and rapport. The thing is, the hiring for The Eternals is done, and considering the slate of films Keanu is currently committed to such as the new The Matrix 4 which is set for production next year and 'John Wick 4' which is set for release on 21 May 2021. Keanu will start filming John Wick 4 and then move on to The Matrix 4, which means there is no time for him to join the cast of The Eternals. The most recent hiring Marvel made for the movie is of Kit Harington who is already in a relationship. So, we call BS in the Woman’s Day story.

Keanu and Carrie-Anne Moss in The Matrix.
Keanu and Carrie-Anne Moss are back to star in the new Matrix movie.

Source: LADbible

The claims of the two actors being in a relationship are complete fake with Keanu seemingly happy with single life which he is maintaining since the death of his girlfriend in the early 2000s. Jolie is also happy taking care of her family, which means no one particularly got time to go out on a date.