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Next 'Wolverine' Movie Could Be Directed By Russo Brothers

Published Fri Aug 09 2019 By Travis
Next 'Wolverine' Movie Could Be Directed By Russo Brothers

Wolverine will make an appearance in the MCU and maybe the Russo's are directing the movie.

Avengers: Endgame made history with the movie making its way to the top of the highest-grossing movie chart. The film made $2.795 billion at the box office and ended a 21 movie long arc for the MCU which started with Iron Man in 2008.

Marvel cinematic universe.
All the MCU phases from Iron to Spider-Man: Far from Home. (Source: Reddit)

The director duo of brothers Anthony and Joe Russo brought the series home after directing two Captain America sequels and Avengers: Infinity War. After the end of Endgame, the directors needed some space from the series, so they started their own production company with writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. All the people involved in the production of Endgame said they were stepping away from superhero movies for a while, but while doing an AMA on Reddit a question was posed to them, which Marvel property would they like to direct next and Anthony said the brothers would love to direct Wolverine.

Wolverine in the MCU would’ve been impossible three years ago when the property was still with Fox. Since then, Disney spent $71 billion to purchase the Fox studios which meant all the Marvel characters under the Fox banner were coming home. Ever since the purchase, one thing is constant, the revival of X-Men under the MCU banner with most fans clamoring for the X-Men movie and more specifically Wolverine. Even actor like Jason Mamoa said they would love to play the character in the future. Bob Iger also said Marvel is trying to incorporate the Fox Marvel characters into the MCU making the announcement of record profits from Disney’s movie business.

X-Men are coming to the MCU. (Source: Empire)

Hugh Jackman played the character of Wolverine for over 17 years and hung up his claws after the release of the critically acclaimed and Oscar-nominated 'Logan'. He left the role, and it means Marvel will definitely recast the role down the road, but people are so used to Hugh Jackman as Wolverine the transition will require some sure-handed direction. The directors who we know can handle the pressure and are pretty sure-handed are Anthony and Joe Russo.

We all know how the Russo brothers turned Captain America series from a joke to fan-favorite character. The only way people are going to forget of the old Wolverine is from some assured directors who know what they are doing. Kevin Feige talked about mutants during the San Diego Comic-con in 2019, but there are no plans on the horizon beyond 2021 going forward for the MCU. Even if they were making a movie about the Wolverine, we don’t see the Russo’s directing the film because in the past they’ve said they would love to direct a Secret Wars movie which seems to be the direction MCU is headed on.

Joe and Anthony Russo.
Anthony said the brothers would love to direct a Wolverine movie. (Source: Deadline)

The directors can do both the movies, and we would love to see how they will tackle a solo Wolverine movie after the awesome ending the series went out on. Both the brothers are on a Marvel hiatus, but they are not leaving the company altogether. The duo directed the highest-grossing movie of all time, and their four films with Marvel grossed a total of almost $7 billion at the box office so Marvel would be stupid to let the brothers go. So, when they do return, maybe they will be tasked with bringing Wolverine into the MCU which we can all get behind.