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What Can We Expect From The Black Panther Sequel Which Is Set For 2022 Release?

Published Sun Aug 25 2019 By Travis
What Can We Expect From The Black Panther Sequel Which Is Set For 2022 Release?

Black Panther II is coming in 2022 and we are expecting a lot from the movie.

D23 was a huge event this year with Marvel, Pixar, Lucas Films and Disney Animation taking the stage to announce various projects coming this year. The expo was also the place where Robert Downey Jr. was awarded the Disney Legends Award, and he confessed to getting arrested for smoking pot in Disneyland when he first visited the place.

But out of all the announcements coming from Disney’s biannual event, the one we are most excited for is the return of Black Panther. The last we saw Black Panther was in the record-shattering Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame but it was not the only massive success Disney enjoyed in 2018 and 2019, a debut film for Black Panther made over $1.3 billion at the box office and also became the first comic book superhero movie to be nominated for the best picture Oscars.

Black Panther.
Black Panther is coming back for a sophomore outing in summer of 2022.

Source: Rolling Stone

Black Panther is a great character, and the movie introduced the King of Wakanda in a blockbuster fashion in Captain America: Civil War. Then the character went on to star in his own film, and the movie was a massive success. The characters from the movie did return in cameo appearances in the two Avengers movies but what fans most wanted was a sequel to Black Panther.

The movie was missing from the slate of announcements Marvel made at comic con. Kevin Feige did say the sequel was in development, but we never got any confirmation when the movie is coming. Finally, D23 was the place where Kevin Feige felt comfortable to share the information about the upcoming Black Panther sequel.

Kevin Feige
Kevin Feige announced the sequel for Black Panther is coming.

Source: Inverse

During the Marvel’s panel at D23, the head honcho of Marvel Studios took to the stage to discuss the future of Marvel movies. Then the moment arrived when the leader of the MCU called Ryan Coogler on stage and announced 'Black Panther II' would be coming on 6 May 2022. They also showed off a cool logo for the movie, and we kind of love it.

Ryan Coogler was said to be writing the movie, and for a while, we’ve hearing rumors about Namor being introduced in the sophomore outing of Black Panther. We heard a reference of Namor during Okoye’s report of an earthquake under the ocean, the way she said it made fans think it was a reference to Namor. Namor, the King of Atlantis and Wakanda, is never on good terms so we can understand the way Okoye spoke. But all of this is speculation at this point, and there is no confirmed report Namor is making an appearance in the MCU.

To the point of what we can expect from the movie is the fact the King was dead for five years and still, we saw at the end of Endgame, people in Wakanda were celebrating. This was weird, considering the country was run without a King or the Princess. So, we need to see the dynamic between Okoye and 'T’Challa', for all intents and purposes, Okoye was like the defacto ruler of Wakanda, and now the King is back, how will impact their relationship.

Okoye was the defacto ruler of Wakanda.

Source: CinemaBlend

At the end of the first Black Panther movie, we also saw T’Challa speaking at the UN and opening the country of Wakanda for the first time to the world. So, how will the world perceive a country which is miles advanced than the people on other parts of the earth? It was easy being a ruler of one country, now T’Challa will need to represent his country, not as a backward tribal nation but as the most advanced country on earth. How will the people of other countries perceive such country which possesses the power to wipe them out in a matter of minutes?

Black Panther will need to address all of these concerns and not just dive into a new villain and a new story. By the way, we won’t mind Falcon and Winter Soldier dropping by Wakanda to help T’Challa. We are expecting huge things from Chadwick Boseman and T’Challa, Spider-Man was supposed to be the new Iron Man and lead the Avengers, but now with Spider-Man gone, Black Panther is the biggest IP currently in Marvel’s repertoire. So, we are expecting another great outing from the character, something to assert himself as a formidable force and a leader other’s can look up to.

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In the first Black Panther movie, T’Challa was overshadowed by 'Eric Killmonger' (Michael B. Jordan), so he needs to come out in this movie hammer home the point, he is, “T’Challa King Of Wakanda, The Black Panther.” Black Panther II is coming out on 6 May 2022 (we are not certain which Phase the movie is based in).