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'Mission Impossible Is Possible' - Prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy Pulls Off An Utterly Insane Plane Stunt!

Published Mon Aug 12 2019 By Travis
'Mission Impossible Is Possible' - Prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy Pulls Off An Utterly Insane Plane Stunt!

After the gym prank Vitaly is stepping up to the next level, strapping himself on top of a plane.

The self-proclaimed serial prankster is doing his best James Bond and 'Ethan Hunt' impression in the latest video posted on his Instagram page. Just to be clear, the video is not for the faint of hearts, and it is stupid what he is doing.

After the recently released video of Vitaly pranking people in the gym with his ‘Don’t Text and Gym’ prank no one expected Vitaly to do what he did next. The prankster who made his name and rose to international fame after he streaked during the 2014 World Cup between Germany and Argentina took his videos to another level.

Vitaly goes streaking during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. (Source: YouTube)

In the clip posted 14 hours ago, Vitaly approaches a single-engine world war two type plane wearing a suit and looking like a buff Vladimir Putin. He reaches the plane and gets on in the front seat with a pilot in the back seat. A go-pro is taped to his right wrist and he wearing a really ugly looking black glass then the plane takes off.

Vitaly is not talking throughout the video, and after the plane reaches a certain height, the YouTube star starts getting out of his seat and gets on top of the wing. Slowly he approaches the rod placed straight up at the middle of the wing, we do not see the belt wearing transition, but during a close up you can see the belt strapped around his waist.

On some electro beat, the social media personality gets ready for some nasty rolls. Getting on the plane and walking on the wing is already scary enough but then the pilot starts to do some barrel rolls and really quick ones as well. The music covers the whole video so you will not be able to hear Vitaly scream, but he is screaming at the top of his voice. Diving plane, speed dives and everything you can think of, the pilot does, and he is attached to the plane none the less.

With the video nearing the end, Vitaly raises his arms to the side, and the plane starts gliding instead of speeding. Finally, the comedian comes down from the wing and starts to cry, or pretends to cry and then the video ends.

In the comment section, you can see Kinsey Wolanski leaving a comment, “Bonnie and Clyde,” with the devil emoji at the end. She also got on top of the plane and did the same thing Vitaly did; Kinsey was more composed by the way (learn Vitaly!).

The two got an adorable relationship with both of them getting arrested for trying to pull off their Champions league pitch streaking stunt at the Copa America final. They are not the only member of the Vitaly family who tried the stunt with Vitaly’s mother also getting in on the action and trying to streak during the ICC World Cup final match between England and New Zealand.

The man is not stopping anytime soon though, because Vitaly was recently seen holding a tryout for new streakers and we are guessing they are going to try another stunt during the UEFA Super Cup.

No matter what happens though, the plane stunt was still bonkers and scary and fun, and we will never even try it.